Using Scheduled or Time Interval Recipe Triggers

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Scheduled Recipe triggers are a powerful type of Recipe trigger in Beamery. Instead of using an update to the contact profile to serve as the trigger like all other Recipe triggers, scheduled Recipe triggers can be configured to run periodic database checks (every 1, 6, 12 or 24 hours). This will check to see if the contact has fulfilled these criteria in the past, and perform the recipe action if so; or it will trigger the recipe as soon as the contacts are updated and meet the criteria at any point in the future. A Recipe trigger like this is essentially checking that the contact meets all of the filter conditions specified in the recipe at any given point, and because there is an incredibly wide range of filter combinations to select from, including the ability to use custom fields, the possibilities for using these Recipe triggers are virtually endless. 

For example: 


Imagine a Recruiter finds the perfect candidate on LinkedIn but does not initially have an email address to be able to send an introduction campaign message. The recipe above would mean that as soon as an email address was added at a later stage as long as the other conditions were met, the campaign would automatically be sent without having to worry about adding the contact manually. 

Scheduled recipe triggers are also a critical element of ensuring compliance with GDPR or similar legislation. Learn more here.  

Note that it is not possible to have more than one scheduled trigger per recipe as that would create a conflict. It is also necessary to select at least one filter for the recipe to be enabled as this is what the database will be checked against in order to trigger the recipe. 

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