How to Use Recipes with Custom Questions on Forms

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A key benefit of using Forms is being able to automate workflows based on candidate Form responses. This process is made possible by:

  • Forms that map candidate answers to custom fields in your CRM. You can use existing Custom Field drop-down options as form question answers.
  • Recipes that trigger automated workflows based on form answers that map to custom fields in your CRM.

Here are the steps to set this process up- in your Beamery environment.

Create a Custom Field

1. Navigate to Settings and select Custom Fields on the left side navigation panel.

2. Click the Create Custom Field button. A pop-up will appear, in which you can enter the Custom Field's criteria. For a more detailed guide on how to create a Custom Field please click here.

Note: only Admins roles (Super, Sourcing, Marketing) have access to the Custom Fields page in Settings.

Create a Form

1. To create a form, navigate to the Marketing module and click on Forms in the navigation bar. Then click the "Add Form" button. 

2. To edit an existing Form, click on the three dot button next to the Form name and select "Edit Form". Both actions will take you to the Form builder.

For exact steps on how to create a Form, please click here.

Link Form Questions to Custom Fields

  1. To map candidate answers from Form questions into Custom Fields, navigate to the Form containing the questions you wish to link.
  2. Click "Add question", select the custom field type to populate the “Options” section.
    • If you have a single-select or multi-select question, select type: "Drop-down.”
    • If you have a free text custom field, select type: “Free text.”
  3. Customize the Contact-facing “Question text.”
  4. Select the Custom Field from the corresponding available options based on your Type selection. This will link the Custom field to the Form.
    • This imports the drop-down options associated with the Custom Field and become the answer options that Contacts can select when answering the question.
    • For example, if the form question being created is "What department are you interested in?", you could map this into the Custom Field for "Job Category".
  5. Upon linking this Custom Field to the question, all existing Custom Field drop-down options will be displayed as possible answers.


5. Once the Form is published, these options will be available for selection to anyone filling out the Form. 



Create a Recipe

1. Navigate to the "Automation" module from the side menu on the left. Click on the "Add Recipe" button.


2. When creating this Recipe, simply select has submitted form.

3. Select a specific Form as the Recipe trigger, or choose Any form

4. Once you have selected the form, you can select “any question” to have this Recipe be triggered every time a candidate submits this form or select a “specific Custom Field” with corresponding answer.


5. Click Continue to move on to the filters step of the Recipe. Filters are optional with the “has submitted Form” Recipe trigger, as they are included in the details of the trigger. Adding additional filters is optional.

6. Click Continue to move on and select a Recipe Action. This is the action(s) that will automatically happen as a result of this Recipe.

7. Finally, click Continue to review your Recipe. Once you have reviewed and confirmed that each step is correct, click Activate.
Note: only Admins roles (Super, Sourcing, Marketing) have access to create and edit recipes.