How to Export Your Recipe Lists

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Export your Recipes as a CSV to more easily digest, manage, and understand your existing list of Recipes, perform audits on your entire Recipe list, and decommission Recipes that are no longer required. Take stock of which Recipes are currently in use and easily identify any duplicate Recipes or those created in error. 

How to Export your Recipes

To get started, navigate to the Automation tab and click the Export button at the top right of the Recipe List page. This is also the button you will click to return to your recipe exports page in the future.


Understanding the Recipe Export Page

If it is the first time you have exported your Recipe list, the page will look like this. 


A) Return to the Recipe List Page

B/C) Export the full list of Recipes

If you, or someone else in your organization has already exported your Recipe list, the page will look like this. 


A) Return to the Recipe List Page

B) Full list of Recipe Exports including: 

  • Date generated (hover over this value to see the time the report was generated)
  • Who the report was generated by
  • The status of the report
  • The number of recipes included in the report

C) Export the full list of Recipes again

D) Download the latest export of Recipes

Recipe Export Statuses


The most recent export in green; all previous exports in grey. 



While a export is processing, users can continue to use Recipes as they normally would, but they may not initiate another export. 




How Long Will the Export Take? 

Export time depends on the number of Recipes you have, but should take between 5 seconds and 4 hours (in the case of very large datasets). Longer times should be expected the first time you run an export. Subsequent exports should take less time. 

What Data is Included in the Recipe Export? 

Included in the CSV download will be: 

Title (Recipe name)

Recipe ID

Active (T/F)

Does the Recipe Repeat? (T/F)

Global Tags




Created by

Created At (Date/time created)

Updated by

Updated At (Date/time updated)

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