June 2024 - Release Notes

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New Products & Core Workflow Improvements

Updates in the table below will be going live in user environments in June, 2024.

Product Area Feature Description Sandbox Date Prod Date

Talent Acquisition


AI Talent Match - Vacancy Calibration Insights

Vacancy Calibration is now powered by Beamery's Talent Insights, (silver medalists, great fit contacts, recently engaged with candidates) enabling talent acquisition specialists to understand which talent to focus on first in order to drive the best hiring outcomes.


Follow this link for more information.

June 5th June 19th

Talent Experience

Portals Talent Portals is now able to support alumni, facilitating personalised engagement and rehires from your alumni network with personalised access to content and opportunities. N/A June 19th


Feature Deprecations

The below table will highlight details of any features that are being sunset.

Product Area Feature Description Sandbox Date Prod Date
Talent Experience Forms  Users will no longer be able to create or duplicate forms. Users will still be able to edit existing forms.

We are gradually replacing Forms with Convert, follow this link for more information.
June 12th June 19th


May 2024 | Overview of Resolved Issues & Minor Updates

The updates in the table below went live over the past month to maintain the stability of the platform and improve the user experience.

Product Area Feature Type Description

Talent Acquisition


Smart Profile Bug Fix Mobile View - For event check-ins, users are able to scroll through all profile information as expected.
Vacancies List Bug Fix

Vacancy description now supports HTML. Lines and paragraphs are spaced correctly when viewing vacancy descriptions.

Extension Minor Update (Spanish Language Customers) - Improved Spanish translation quality on Beamery extension.
Bug Fix The full name will populate on the contact's profile as expected when creating contacts via the extension from LinkedIn.

Talent Experience


Bug Fix The event search functionality now correctly handles both first and full names, improving the accuracy and usability of attendee look-up. 

Minor Update(s) The 'Create a new flow' modal in Convert will now pre-fill the 'Flow URL' based on the 'External Name' provided.
Tooltips have been added to Convert to provide more context on mandatory fields.
A new 'Saving' indicator has been added to Convert to enhance the editing experience. When changes are being autosaved, the user will see a spinner indicating that changes are being securely saved in real-time.
Users can now add their Social Media Icons to their Convert Flows, guiding candidates to their social media platforms.
Bug Fix Text sizes of description links are now consistent with the rest of the text in the Convert Logo Editor.
Portals Minor Update(s) In preparation to support multiple user personas with our Talent Portals, the Talent Portal URL is changing from '/candidate' to '/talent'. If users share any web links to direct candidates to the portal, these should be updated.
Additional configurability for the compliance statement in Talent Portals: users can now provide a specific compliance statement for Talent Portal consent.
Where an article in the Talent Portal does not have an image assigned to it, we have added a fallback to provide the company logo as the default placeholder image.
We have updated the email layout for the One Time Password email sent from our Candidate Authentication Service to simplify the email content and provide better consistency of wording.

Workforce Intelligence

Job Architecture Portal  Minor Update Users now have the ability to add/remove skills and roles from the Job Architecture Portal.
Users now have the ability to review skills and roles from the Job Architecture Portal.