How to Create Recipes for Convert Flows

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Beamery's Automation module, Recipes, allows you to create Recipes that will run on contact profiles based on the responses they provide when submitting a Beamery Convert Flow . This collection of Recipes can be used to automate actions such as adding a global tag add (or remove) from a pool, updating a custom field on a Contact’s profile or sending the Contact a Campaign.
For general instructions for creating a new Recipe, check out this article.

Create Recipe

1. Navigate to the "Automation" module from the side menu on the left. Click on the "Add Recipe" button.


2. When creating this Recipe, simply select has submitted flow.

3. After selecting this trigger, select the type of Convert or specific Convert by name that you wish to use from the drop-down list.

4. Once you have selected the Convert Flow, you can select “any question” to have this Recipe be triggered every time a candidate submits this flow or select a “specific Custom Field” with corresponding answer.


5. Click Continue to move on to the filters step of the Recipe. Filters are optional with the “has submitted Flow” Recipe trigger, as they are included in the details of the trigger. Adding additional filters is optional.
6. Click Continue to move on and select a Recipe Action. This is the action(s) that will automatically happen as a result of this Recipe.
7. Finally, click Continue to review your Recipe. Once you have reviewed and confirmed that each step is correct, click Activate.
Note: only Admins roles (Super, Sourcing, Marketing) have access to create and edit recipes.