How to Use Autopilot with the Beamery Extension

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Autopilot for the Beamery Extension is a powerful element of  Beamery's Automation. This feature helps you automate your sourcing efforts by importing your list of search results or LinkedIn projects from LinkedIn into Beamery.

Note: Autopilot may not be activated on your version of the Extension. To activate this feature or learn more about Autopilot, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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How does Autopilot work?
Using Autopilot
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How does Autopilot work?

Autopilot can be used to add multiple contacts to your CRM quickly. Those contacts are ready to be filtered, bulk actioned, or automated into the most relevant channels. Autopilot allows you to add contacts from the results of your LinkedIn searches or projects to Beamery with just a single click.

Autopilot is available on LinkedIn’s contact search and LinkedIn Projects (Talent Pools and Pipelines). Note that Autopilot is not available for use on LinkedIn Campaigns and Recruiter Inbox.

Contacts added via Autopilot populate your CRM with fresh profiles, including full name and public LinkedIn profile URLs. And a PDF of each candidate’s social profile will also be added to the Beamery profile, and the information from this PDF will be parsed into the relevant fields on the candidate’s Beamery profile, including email address (when publicly available). Beamery's enrichment engine then checks the URL for associated public profile data from other sites and adds this data to the Beamery profile as well. 

The Extension with Autopilot enables you to move your top-of-funnel searches directly into the CRM. Autopilot also prevents duplicates by scanning your database and making sure only new candidates are added to your CRM, using the LinkedIn URL or email as an identifier.


Using AutoPilot

Start by opening the Extension within a LinkedIn contact list page (search results or LinkedIn projects). Autopilot will appear automatically to give you the option to import the profiles from each page of your search results into Beamery. Next, review and set your Sourcing settings for the contacts you are preparing to import.  

New to Autopilot version 2.0 - you'll find a "Reset" button in the top right of the sourcing settings. Autopilot will remember your previous sourcing settings to speed up your workflow, but once you're ready to move on to another project, clicking this button will reset everything to the default state except Source, which will remain what you've previously set (most likely "LinkedIn").

The default state would be as follows:

Notes - empty & note type reverted to "Note"
Pools - none selected
Vacancy - none selected
Custom fields - none selected
Global status - the first status listed in your instance
Global Tags - none selected
Assigned to - the current logged in user (i.e.; yourself)
Source - remains unchanged

If you encounter issues when initially running Autopilot whereby you see an error on created contacts with "Some sourcing settings could not be applied", best practice is to reset the sourcing settings.

Pro-tip: For best results, scroll down to the bottom of the page before clicking “Start import”.


There is no longer a limitation (imposed by Beamery) on the number of profiles that can be imported per day. LinkedIn, however, has a download limitation for their public site and recruiter site. If you do hit the daily limit, you can still create contacts, just without the Profile PDFs attached. 

Once you're ready to begin, click the Start import button. Autopilot will begin to run, checking profiles against your current database. Autopilot will continue importing contacts until the list is complete, so keep the Extension open and allow it to run. The new Autopilot now supports multitasking. While Autopilot is running, please don't reload the page, but you can feel free to continue with work in another tab or window

If a contact is skipped during import, there may be a few reasons why. Most commonly, the contact already exists in your database. For more on skipped contacts, click here.

Once Autopilot has completed the import, you will see a summary page. In this summary, you will see the number of contacts Autopilot added to Beamery and the number of contacts skipped (not added or updated). You will also see the number of contacts added with detail on data completion, such as: “Added successfully” when contacts have been added with a LinkedIn URL and email, or “Missing email address” when contacts have been added without email addresses. Any contacts who were not imported will be shown in a separate section, away from those who were skipped because they already exist in your CRM or failed because they are out of network or if we have failed to fetch their LinkedIn URL.

Click the arrow on the top right to expand the summary lists and see more details on the contact’s profile. Click the vertical ellipses next to any contact name to view their Beamery profile. Or, if you were sourcing to a pool, click Done to be taken to the Pool in Beamery you' selected in the Sourcing Settings.


 Watch a Demo