How to Install and Update the Beamery Extension

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The Beamery Extension is a powerful sourcing tool that allows you to add new candidates to your CRM and make updates to existing candidate profiles directly from web pages and social media profiles.

Incorporating the Beamery Extension into your candidate sourcing process allows you to quickly and easily add a candidate‚Äôs contact information, education, experience, resume, and more to Beamery as soon as you find it, without ever leaving their social profile. 

Using the Extension is a great way to save time and make your sourcing more efficient. To learn more, check out this article

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How to Install the Beamery Extension
How to Update the Beamery Extension

How to Install the Beamery Extension

You can download the Extension from the Chrome Web Store here:

To install the extension within your Chrome browser, click on the add to Chrome button at the top right hand of the screen. Then, in the pop up modal that appears, confirm that you would like to add the Beamery Extension to Chrome. 

Once the Beamery Extension has been installed, you will see the Beamery Bexa logo appear in your Chrome toolbar, as below: 



If you do not see the Beamery Bexa appear in your toolbar automatically, you may need to pin the Beamery Extension to your toolbar. To do this, click on the puzzle piece icon in your Chrome toolbar, then click on the pin icon next to the Beamery Extension. 


How to update the Beamery Extension

When a new version of the Beamery Extension is released, the Extension should be automatically updated the next time you restart Chrome. If you would like to manually update the Beamery Extension, follow the below steps. 

How to manually update the Beamery Extension in Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome & click the three dots on the top right side of the window.

2. Select the option for More Tools < Extensions; this will take you to a list of all the extensions you have downloaded. 

Alternatively, you may paste chrome://extensions/ in the navigation bar.

3. Find the Beamery Extension and click on Details. Screen_Shot_2020-01-29_at_10.41.25_AM-n0w.png


4. Ensure that you have enabled 'Developer Mode' in the upper right corner, in order to view the option to update.                                                                                          Screen_Shot_2019-06-18_at_9.29.19_AM-q0g.png

5. On the new screen, click the Update button in the top bar. Your extension should now be updated to the latest version.