How to log InMail with the Beamery Extension

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Stay up to date with your candidate communication by logging activities like InMail messages on a Beamery profile from the Extension. Share valuable information with your colleagues and never miss a beat with a candidate. Here's how to make sure your InMail messages are logged on the Beamery profile.

Logging an InMail automatically

When a contact already has a profile in Beamery, the Extension will automatically detect when you send that contact an InMail message and prompt you to log that activity on the profile timeline. Once you have sent the message, click Log activity on the prompt that appears. See image below.

Inmail Logging.png

Once you click the prompt, you'll have an opportunity to edit the content of the activity or make the activity private.  Click Log activity again to save. 

Inmail Logging1.png

Logging an InMail manually

If you are not prompted to log your InMail or you accidently closed the prompt, you can still log your InMail message. While you are on the profile of the contact you messaged, open the Extension and navigate to the Timeline tab. Then choose Log Activity. 

Inmail Logging23.png

Select InMail as the Activity type and paste your message into the Activity block. You can choose here to make the activity as private as well. When you're ready, click Log activity to save the activity to the timeline.

Inmail Logging3.png

Log Bulk InMail messages 

If you need to log a message sent in bulk to contacts in a project, there's a way to do that too. From LinkedIn Recruiter, navigate to your project and choose ‘contacted’. In the Extension Sourcing Settings, choose InMail as the Note Type and paste your bulk InMail message in the Note section. Now when you run Autopilot, the contacts created will automatically have the InMail logged in the notes section.