Applying Sourcing Settings in the Beamery Extension

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New to the Beamery Extension, Sourcing Settings is how recruiters and sourcers can automate repetitive tasks in their workflows. Managing your Sourcing Settings allows you to create preset values which will be automatically applied to the contacts you are sourcing. In the previous version of the Extension, this feature was called BeamAssist and was nested in the settings page. Now, we've pulled these important settings out and set them front and center in the Extension. Use the Sourcing Settings when creating individual contacts or uploading in bulk with Autopilot. 

Creating Profiles with the Beamery Extension

When you land on a social media profile of a person who you would like to create a profile for, the Extension will first let you know if the person already exists in your database. If they do not, you will see the Create contact screen. If you’re sourcing in LinkedIn, the extension will auto populate the contact’s first and last name (1) to get you started. Then, enter the contact’s email address (2)  if you have it. If not, the Extension will use Beamery’s Enrichment Engine to search for publicly available emails after you create the contact. More about Enrichment here. You’ll also have a field to upload a contact’s resume to their profile (3).



Next, you have some sourcing tools available. You’ll find easy access to log an activity (4), or automatically add a contact to Pools (5). Below, your organization may allow you to add a contact directly to a vacancy (6), where you can also set the correct vacancy stage. Then you’ll have a place to set the value for your custom fields (7). You can also set a Global Status, assign a source for the contact, or add any Global tags (8). Finally, at the bottom, you’ll find a setting to assign this contact to another user, or keep it defaulted to yourself (9). Once you’ve finished picking your settings, click Create contact (10) to load the contact into your database. And, when you're ready to start on a new project, click Reset (4) at the top of the Sourcing Settings to reset your Sourcing Settings to the default fields. 

The default state would be as follows:

- Notes - empty & note type reverted to "Note"
- Pools - none selected
- Vacancy - none selected
- Custom fields - none selected
- Global status - the first status listed in your instance
- Global Tags - none selected
- Assigned to - the current logged in user (i.e.; yourself)
- Source - remains unchanged


Pro tip

Need to log InMail messages sent in bulk? From LinkedIn Recruiter, navigate to your project and choose ‘contacted’. In the Extension Sourcing Settings, choose InMail as the Note Type and paste your bulk InMail message in the Note section. Now when you run Autopilot, the contacts created will automatically have the InMail logged in the notes section.

Using Sourcing Settings during contact creation allows you to upload contacts directly into your Beamery CRM quickly and efficiently. The settings you choose here are actionable in Beamery with Automations, Campaigns and more. Streamline your workflows and get the conversation started with the Beamery Extension and Sourcing Settings.