Using Beamery's Suggested Contacts in Vacancies

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Source for candidates faster in Beamery with Suggested Contacts. You can also learn how to use Suggested Contacts in Pools here.

To access Suggested Contacts in Vacancies, navigate to the CRM tab and then select Vacancies. Once you've found the Vacancy you are working on, click All Contacts to bring up the grid view of all the contacts in the Vacancy.



Next, click on Suggested Contacts in the sidebar. 


Here you will find a ranked list of contacts from your database best suited for the vacancy you're sourcing for.

Hover over the Match Scores to see a breakdown on how each score is calculated. Do you think a match has an incorrect score? We use your feedback to review our data model on a regular bases. Use the Give Feedback link to let us know if you've noticed an incorrect score. 


Learn more about how Beamery's AI calculates Talent Match scores here

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