An Overview of Vacancies

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Vacancies help you manage candidates that are in your hiring process. These might be candidates that have applied for a role or candidates that your team has sourced and qualified as interested.

Note: Your company's use of Beamery’s Vacancies feature will depend on your internal workflows, your use of an ATS, and whether your ATS is integrated with Beamery. Ensure that you are familiar with the best practices of your specific organization.

To learn how to create a new vacancy, check out this article

Table of Contents

Understanding the Vacancies List
Navigating the Grid View of a Vacancy
Understanding Vacancy Metrics

Understanding the Vacancies List

To navigate to the Vacancies list, click the CRM icon in the left hand sidebar, then select the Vacancies tab in the top navigation bar. 

Take a look at the below image to familiarize yourself with the Vacancies List: 

New Vacancies List.png

a: Search and Filters - Use the search box and dropdown menus in this area to search for a specific Vacancy using keywords, or filter by status, group, global tag, owner or manager. Learn more about searching for Vacancies here
b: Add Vacancy Button - Use this button to begin creating a new Vacancy. Find instructions for creating a new Vacancy here.
c: Sort by Dropdown - Use this dropdown to change the order in which Vacancies are displayed. Choose from Newest First, Oldest First, Last Opened or First Opened. 
d: Vacancy Details - Here, you will see the name of a Vacancy, then the Vacancy ID and more. 

Understanding the Vacancy Details

a. Vacancy Title
b. Dropdown arrow to expand or hide the Vacancy Details
c. Options to Edit, Share or Delete the Vacancy
d. View the Vacancy
e. Vacancy ID (click to copy)
f. Vacancy Location (now separated from the Vacancy Title)
g. Vacancy Details including Owner, Manager, and other relevant links.
h. Suggested Contacts and Vacancy Stages
i. Suggested Actions for the Vacancy 
j. Vacancy Calibration link
k. Review new applicants link
l. Review Suggested Contacts link

Navigating the Grid View of a Vacancy

To navigate to the grid view of a Vacancy, click on a Vacancy Stage below the name of a Vacancy in the Vacancies List. 

Take a look at the below image to familiarize yourself with the grid view of a Vacancy: 

a: Vacancy Details - Here you will see the Vacancy name, status and owner. Use the vertical ellipsis button in this area to copy the Vacancy ID, edit or delete the Vacancy. 
b: Filter Options - Use the Show filters option to open the filter panel; use the saved filters dropdown to select and apply a saved filter; or use the vertical ellipsis button to save the filters you currently have applied for future use. 
c: Grid Buttons - Use the Show Columns button to add or remove columns from this view of the grid, or use the Create Contact button to manually create a new Beamery Profile. 
d: Vacancy Stages - Here, you will see the total number of contacts in a Vacancy, followed by the number of contacts at each Vacancy Stage. This is separated into open and closed Vacancy Stages for simpler tracking of active candidates. 
e: Candidate Profile - Here, you will find the profiles of candidates in the Vacancy. Click on a candidate’s name to open their profile to review and make changes. 

In Summary… 

Vacancies help you to manage candidates that are in your hiring process, and the Vacancy Metrics allow you to easily track your Vacancy funnel and activity.


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