Calibrating Vacancies with Beamery Insights

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The Benefits of Calibrating a Vacancy

Vacancy Calibration allows teams to be more proactive when preparing for the vacancy before the hiring manager's kick-off meeting. Once a Vacancy is created, the owner will be notified on the homepage and prompted to calibrate the Vacancy. By Calibrating the Vacancy, recruiters can define the ideal candidate, understand the total available talent in Beamery that matches their requirements, and know which candidates they should share with the HM first. Recruiters will be able to find great fit contacts, silver medalists matching the ideal candidate, or recently engaged with contacts that might not have been considered for a similar job role in the past. Doing so puts recruiters in a proactive position and gives them a potential talent line-up ahead of the req being posted. This can save teams up to two weeks to the first interview and considerably reduce the time to fill the job.

A New Vacancy 

Once a job requisition is created and synced from your ATS, Vacancies assigned to you will appear on your homepage with a nudge to Calibrate the Vacancy ahead of your kick-off call. Click Calibrate vacancy to get started. 

Calibrating a Vacancy 

To begin Calibrating, start with Refining your requirements. In this section, you can adjust the job role you’re looking for. This field will be automatically populated based on the Vacancy title, but some industries have unique names for roles and you may find standardizing the job role helps generate better candidate suggestions. Then, move on to defining skills. Add or remove skills as needed to define the perfect candidate. Then select the ideal seniority for this role. This can be one, or multiple choices. Lastly, set the location and radius (if needed) for this role. 

Below, users also have the ability to Add a collaborator to work on Calibrating the Vacancy with them. Any users entered here will be notified via email. 


Lastly, on the right-hand side of the page, users have access to Talent Insights. Here you will find Suggested Contacts that match 3 different categories:

Great fit contacts - Suggested Contacts, based on the current Vacancy calibration, who are more than a 4 star match for your ideal candidate. 

Silver medalists - Using logic defined by your Beamery admins, Suggested Contacts who have engaged with your organization on a prior job req. Silver medalists displayed here are limited to 100. The logic defined in your system may identify more than 100 Silver Medalists. If that is the case, only the top 100 Silver Medalists will display for a Vacancy - based on Match Score. 

Recently engaged with - Suggested Contacts who have recent engagement, warm leads. 

Click on any of the categories to see details on the candidate profiles they match. 

Click on any of the categories to see details on the candidate profiles they match. At the moment, Suggested Contacts (as shown below) will not be able to be filtered. This update, however, is coming soon. 


Updating the requirements in the Calibrate, such as expanding the radius, adding or removing skills or changing the seniority levels will update the results in Talent Insights. To do this, click Save and update insights at the bottom of the page. 

Use the Vacancy Calibration tools to help drive the conversation and the recruitment strategy in order to optimize time to hire. Recruiters can quickly find great fit candidates, silver medalists, and recently engaged contacts instantly to better prepare to fill the role. Vacancies can be recalibrated as often as needed. Beamery recommends Recruiters review the Calibration page with their Hiring Manager during the kick-off call.