Using AI in Vacancies

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Beamery's AI allows users to discover qualified candidates quickly and automate your workflows and reduces your overall time to hire. Read more about Beamery's AI here. 

Please note: this page is in reference to a Beamery feature in Early Access. Your organization may not yet have access to this feature. Please speak with your CSM if you have any questions. 

Vacancy Page Detail

Within Vacancies you can leverage Beamery's AI in a number of ways. Read more about each below. 

  1. Notifications
  2. Vacancy Calibration
  3. Automatic Vacancy Calibration
  4. Suggested Contacts
  5. Match Score


1. Notifications

Get notified when Beamery's AI finds new suggestions for a vacancy or see when the system is busy searching for suggested contacts. 

2. Vacancy Calibration

Calibrating a vacancy helps you fine tune the results of Beamery's Suggested Contacts. 

Beamery's AI uses a Vacancy's title to generate a job role. This job role is used in generating march scores and inferring skills. There may be times that a Vacancy's title includes words or abbreviations that the AI is not yet able to recognize. Or, you may have a Vacancy title that is not in English. In these cases or when you would just like to have full control over skills, seniority, location and more - you can calibrate the job role by clicking Calibrate Vacancy. 

On the Vacancy Calibration page you'll find space to change the job role (a). This allows you to have a Vacancy title and job role that differ while still maintaining continuity. Here you will also have the ability to check yes to allow Beamery to automatically update skills and seniority based on the new job role or manually define skills (b) and seniority (c) below. If you choose to manually update these fields, you can add as many relevant skills as you need and select multiple seniority levels to define the perfect candidate for the role. 

Then, easily define a location radius (d) to focus your efforts. Collaborate with your Hiring Manager (e) on your calibration to make sure you've accurately defined the role by choosing their name from the dropdown. They will receive an email to review and make edits to the Calibration.


3. Automatic Vacancy Calibration

Here, you can see that the vacancy has been calibrated automatically. Beamery's AI will automatically calibrate your new Vacancies based on the Vacancy title and inferred skills. Vacancies with autocalibration will show this message. 


4. Suggested Contacts

Source your database first! With the same AI technology Beamery uses to deliver a Match Score to candidates within your Vacancies, it can also make suggestions about other contacts in your database that would be an excellent fit for a specific Vacancy. 


Within a Vacancy, click on Suggested Contacts to see a list of contacts, ranked by best fit. Review your suggested contacts and add relevant ones to your Vacancy. Hover over the Match Score to find out more about how they were ranked.

To add these contacts to your Vacancy, tick the boxes next to your selections and then select Bulk Actions > Add to Vacancy. Then select the vacancy you wish to add those contacts to. Click Add to Vacancy.

5. Match Score

Beamery uses AI to assign a Match Score to all candidates within your Vacancies. Match Scores are given from 0-5 where 5 is an excellent fit and 0 is a poor fit. Hover over the match score of each candidate to learn more about how the match score was calculated.

Job Title - how close does the candidate's current job title match the Vacancy title.
Skills - how relevant are the candidate's skills to the skills required for the Vacancy title.
Seniority - how closely does the candidate's seniority match the seniority in the Vacancy title.
Company Industry - how similar are the industries the candidate has worked when compared to the customer's industry
Company Size - how similar are the company sizes the candidate has worked when compared to the customer's industry

For more on AI and Talent Match Scores, check out this article

Please Note:
Match Scores can not be shown on Vacancies with more than 2,000 contacts. If you would like to view the Match Scores of contacts in a Vacancy with more than 2,000 contacts, choose a Vacancy Stage with fewer than 2,000 contacts or click on a contact's profile within the vacancy. See below.