Bulk Email Messages in Beamery

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For Beamery users with the Marketing Module, you can use Bulk Messaging to send emails in Beamery without ever leaving the CRM. Send up to 100 email messages at once without disrupting your workflow. This bulk action can be performed from the People, Pools or Vacancies tab with the following steps. 

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How to use Bulk Messaging
Sent Bulk Messages
When to use Bulk Messages vs Campaigns

How to use Bulk Messaging



      • From the any of the CRM tabs (People, Pools or Vacancies), click on the box to the left of all the candidates you would like to include in the message. 
      • Click the Bulk Action dropdown and select Send Email.
      • Here you will find several options for scheduling and customization.


        1. Send time - choose to send your messages immediately or schedule them in advance.
        2. Multi-touch - schedule up to 3 email touches. Choose to send based on opens or clicks. Schedule follow-up emails for a specific or relative time.
        3. Variables - add personalization to your messages with variables.
        4. Templates - access your organization's saved email templates.
        5. Invite to Apply - include a job link and invite a group of candidates to apply for a specific vacancy.
        6. Email Signature - add your email signature to your message.
      • Compose your message in the email box and then send.

Best Practice Tip: Use Boolean Search and Filters to narrow down a group of candidates to message. Be sure to use the filter Last Contact to make sure candidates are being messaged with an appropriate cadence. 


Sent Bulk Messages

Messages sent directly from Beamery will also be automatically logged on the candidate‚Äôs profile timeline, allowing you to easily maintain a single source of truth for candidate communication.  

To view, edit, or cancel your bulk messages, navigate into Marketing > Campaigns and filter by Bulk Messaging Campaigns. 



Once you've located your Bulk Message, click the vertical ellipses on the right to expand options for Cancel, Edit, Clone and Export to CSV.



When to use Bulk Messages vs. Campaigns

Bulk Messaging brings the personal touch of a 1:1 email to the time-saving automation of Campaigns. Learn more about when to use each of these great features. 

Bulk Message Campaign
Invite to apply Using email templates with variables in the subject line
Schedule screening calls Sending from a verified email address
Make smaller Campaigns more personal Sending more than 3 messages or to more than 100 addresses