SMS Virtual Phone Numbers: Which Countries are Supported?

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When using Beamery to communicate with candidates via SMS, you will use a virtual phone number, learn more about provisioning virtual phone numbers here Read on to find out which countries are supported.
For an overview of using SMS Messaging in Beamery, check out this article. 

This article covers the countries in which virtual phone numbers can be provisioned. If you are looking to provision a phone number in a country that is not included in this article, please reach out to your Beamery CSM or Sales Rep.

Countries Supported by SMS in Beamery

The list below shows the countries in which a virtual phone number can be provisioned. Phone numbers will be provisioned for users via the settings page in Beamery


United Kingdom
United States


In Summary‚Ķ 

This article serves as a reference for the countries in which it is possible to provision a virtual phone number for sending SMS messages using Beamery.

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