Workday - Workday Skills Cloud Integration (WDSC)

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What is Workday Skills Cloud?

According to Workday, Workday Skills Cloud is “a machine-learning-powered, remote collection of skills for workers and candidates to select from. You can use Skills Cloud to build qualification requirements and talent data without the need for additional maintenance. You can also use Skills Cloud to enable workers to tag skills to learning content, job catalogs, flex teams, and projects.” Essentially, it is an add-on that a Workday customer can purchase to manage their skills within Workday.

This is an add-on that a Workday customer can purchase to manage their skills within Workday

What is the Workday Skills Cloud Integration?

Skills that sit on the Job Requisition within Workday can be pulled into Beamery via our WDSC integration. (Note this is separate to skills which sit on a contact).

a. Beamery uses the API End Point Talent, via the Get_Skills operation from Workday API v.40.2
b. The skills that sit on the job req will be pulled into Beamery and can be utilized as part of the Vacancy Calibration tool.
c. This is currently a single direction integration from Workday to Beamery.

Setting the ISU Permissions within Workday?

The following steps will need to be carried out by customer within their Workday tenant. This is the guide on how customers enable the permissions for Beamery to initiate the integration.

  • 1. Navigate to "Maintain Skills and Experience Setup
    Ensure the "Enable Workday Skills Cloud" checkbox under Skills section is enabled.

This can't be disabled once enabled

  • Ensure that "Skills Cloud" is selected for the dropdown option: "Indicate Primary Skill Search Results"
  • Check "Populate Suggested Skills for External Candidates and Prospects" to get the Workday suggested skills for candidates and prospects
  • Check "Populate Suggested Skills on Job Requisitions" to get the Workday suggested skills for Job Requisitions.
  • Click OK once above changes are done.


2. Navigate to “View Security for Securable Item

  • Search for “get skills”


  • Click on "View Security" for Get Skills (Web Service) task
  • Edit permissions for "Set up: Skills and Experience"



  • Make sure the Security group has the Report/Task and Integrations permissions (with View option checked).

The security group must contain the ISU User which is used in the Beamery Integration.


  • Click OK and Done

Any change in this action requires Activating security policy changes (mentioned in last step below)

3. Navigate to "Manage: External Skills" domain under Security category

  • Click on Actions -> Domain -> Edit Security Policy Permissions


  • Ensure that Security group (where ISU user is a member of) is listed under Report/Task and Integration permissions and had View permission (check Modify if the user should be able to update the skills as well).


  • Once added, click OK

4. Once above changes are done, activate these changes by navigating to task: "Activate Pending Security Policy Changes"

  • Add a comment to describe the changes done so far and click OK. This will effectively apply all the changes.image-20240327-120218.png
  • In the next screen, check Confirm and click OK.