Embed Convert Flows

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Beamery is helping minimize drop-off rates with self-service embedded Convert Flows. Design a seamless candidate experience and funnel more quality candidate data into your CRM. Bemaery's self-service embed options allow you to keep candidates within your branded ecosystem, improving engagement and simplifying the conversion process. 

Embed Settings

To begin embedding a Convert Flow into your website, first locate the Flow you would like to embed or create a new one. Navigate to the Settings tab on your Flow. 

Scroll down to the Embed in your website section. 

Choose an embedding preference

Decide on which embedding method is right for you. 

Inline: Choose this option to integrate the Convert flow directly into a page on your career site.

Modal: Choose this option to allow the Convert flow to appear as a pop-up modal, activated by a button on your site.

Access the developer instructions

Once you've chosen an embedding preference, click "Go to developer instructions" under that embedding method. You'll be taken to a page with detailed instructions for embedding and the specific code needed to integrate the Flow into your website.

Note: The values for flowId and companyId have been prefilled with the IDs for the Convert flow you have navigated from, ensuring a tailored and simple setup.

Connect with your technical owner

Pass the developer instructions page along to the technical owner of the careers site. They will execute the embed process according to the code instructions and your organization's requirements.