Workday Integration Guides & Recordings

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This page is to support in navigating the guides and recordings for setting up the workday integration

Parts 1, 2, & 3 - ISU Creation, Security Group Assignment, and Domain Security Policies

These parts are in the guide here Workday ISU Account Creation, while their videos are split into the following three:

1 - Creating Integration System User on Workday for Beamery CRM Integration

2 - Creating a Workday Security Group for Beamery CRM Integration

3 - Assigning Domain Security Policies for Beamery CRM Integration

Part 4 - Vacancy Owner Mapping

Guide is here Vacancy, Contact & Application data mapping in detail, while recording is here 4 - Creating Vacancy Owner Integration Override Field

Part 5 - RaaS reports

Guide is here Configuring-a-RaaS , while recording is here 5 - Creating a RaaS report - Example Daily RaaS report

For more info around the workday integration see technical docs here:

Workday Certified Integration - Technical Documentation

Vacancy, Contact & Application data mapping in detail

Information Required from you to enable the Workday integration