Why do Recipes Fail?

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So much of your Beamery configuration is powered by automations, known as Recipes. These Recipes help with everything from compliance to data management and segmentation. But what happens when a Recipe fails and, better yet, how can you prevent it in the first place? Read on to learn practical tips for keeping your Recipes in good working order. 

Your recipes will fail for one of two reasons. Either an object tied to that recipe is missing or the user who created it has been deleted. 

Missing Objects

The vast majority of your Recipes will be linked with an object. These objects could be:

  • Pools
  • Users
  • Userteams
  • Custom Fields
  • Global Tags
  • Vacancies
  • Vacancy Stages
  • Pool Steps, etc.

As Admins, you have the ability to delete any of these objects from your Beamery configuration, however if one of these objects is linked to a Recipe when it is deleted, your Recipe will fail. This means the Recipe will not run until the missing object is replaced.  

Deleted Users 

There may be times you need to delete a user. This operation is different from deactivating a user, in that some items a user owns may need to be reassigned in order to manage a smooth transition. More on managing Beamery users and permissions can be found here.

All Recipes must have an owner, so if you need to delete a user, it is Best Practice to audit your Recipes list first. 

This can be done by:

  1. Exporting your Recipe data and locating the user you need to delete in the createdBy column.
  2. Identifying the Recipes that a user owns.
  3. Duplicating the Recipes (making you the new owner).
  4. Renaming the Recipes.  
  5. Pausing or deleting the Recipes owned by the user you need to delete.
  6. Activating the cloned Recipes. 

If a Recipe fails

Beamery will send an email message to the Recipe owner, or Super Admin in the case where a Recipe owner does not exist. This email will contain information about which recipe is failing, when it failed, who the creator is and how you can fix the issue. The email will be sent in cases where the objects Pools, Users and UserTeams are deleted. 


Additionally, you can see failed Recipes in Beamery by navigating to the Automations tab from the left navigation menu and filtering the Recipes list by Failed (see below). This list will include recipe failures for all objects, including those not considered for the email notification.

Recipes that have failed will show as Failed in the Status column (see below). 


Best Practice

Before deleting objects (listed above) potentially utilized in recipes in Beamery, we recommend exporting a Recipe List to CSV to audit your recipes before deletion.  This will mitigate the risk of recipe failure as a result of a missing object.  Review the AI Recipe Search article for more information on additional features to effectively audit your recipes.