Best Practice Examples of Automated Processes Made by Recipes

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Beamery automation is a powerful tool to help you save time and streamline your workflows. Here are some example recipes which you could apply.

Assign candidates from a Convert Flow to a team member

1. You may wish to assign candidates that complete a Convert Flow to a team member for assessment. You can automate this process by using recipes. Start by navigating to the "Automation" module.

2. Once there, click on the "Add Recipe" button in the top right corner of the page.

3. Name your recipe and apply a Global Tag to categorize this recipe, if desired.

4. For the trigger, select "When contact is created from Flow".

5. You do not need to apply filters for this recipe. You can simply click "Continue".

6. For your action, select the following: "Then Assign to User [select user's name]" AND "Then Add to Pool - [select pool]".

7. Lastly, press the "Activate" button to save and launch the recipe.

This recipe is now active and any contacts signing up via a Convert Flow will be automatically assigned to the selected team member as well as the selected pool.

Adding "engaged" candidates to a vacancy

1. For this recipe, you can automatically add candidates to a particular vacancy if their status changes to "engaged" AND if they belong to a particular Talent Pool.

2. Navigate to the "Automation" module, click "Add recipe" and give your recipe a title. It could be specific, for example "Add engaged [job title] candidates to [vacancy name]" or another preferred name.

3. For the trigger, select: "When contact status is changed to Engaged" (or any other desired status).

4. Under filters, select: "If contact belongs to Pool - [pool name]".

5. For your action, select: "Then Assign to vacancy - [vacancy name]".

6. Press the "Activate" button to save the recipe. This recipe is now active. Any contacts with a status change to "Engaged" and belonging to the selected pool will now be added automatically to the desired Vacancy.