Managing your Campaigns

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The Beamery Campaign page holds all of your system's Campaigns. To find the ones you're looking for, you can search by title or filter by type. 

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Campaign Filter Types

To find the Campaign you are looking for, there are search and filter options available. First, you can search for a keyword in the vacancy 


All Statuses
This will show Campaigns with any status

This will show all your active Campaigns

This will show all completed Campaigns

This will show all draft Campaigns

This will show all canceled Campaigns


All Campaigns of the Dynamic Type

All Campaigns of the single Type

All Campaigns of the Triggered Type

This will show you all your GDPR listed Campaigns

Bulk Messages
This will show all bulk messages sent


All Owners
This will show all Campaigns, regardless of owner

Your Campaigns
This will show only your Campaigns, regardless of owner

Analytics on the Campaign List View

Managing your Campaigns 2.png

a. Campaign Name - the name of the Campaign.

b. Delivered - the number of contacts the campaign was successfully delivered to.

c. Opened - percentage of delivered emails that were opened.

d. Clicked - percentage of delivered emails that received a click.

e. Replied - percentage of delivered emails that were replied to.

f. Status - the status of the Campaign (either live or draft).

g. Type - type of Campaign (either single, dynamic, or triggered).

h. Owner - the name of the person who created the Campaign. 

i. Created - the date the Campaign was created.

* Learn what happens to a Campaign if the owner is deleted by clicking here.