Our Support Ticket Statuses Explained

Last Updated:

We have recently revamped our ticket statuses to make them easier to understand. See an explanation of each status below:

You responded and are expecting a reply from Beamery Product Support.

Beamery Product Support has responded in the ticket and pending a reply/input from you or one of the contacts included in your case.

Beamery Product Support is waiting for an update from a 3rd party. This can be our Engineering team or someone from your internal team not directly tied to the ticket you've opened with us. 

The issue is resolved, however, you can respond back within 7 days to re-open.

Once the issue is resolved and has been at the Resolved status for 7 days, it automatically moves to the Closed status. At that point, the ticket cannot be reopened but if responded to, a new ticket will be opened.