How to submit Product Feedback and engage with our Roadmap plans

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Beamery products are made better through partnerships with our customers. Customer feedback and input are extremely valuable to our development and success. If you would like to submit feedback or a feature request, please follow these steps. 

Submitting new Product Feedback

1. From the Beamery homepage, click on the book icon from the top navigation bar and choose Support from the dropdown menu.


2. This will take you to Beamery's Knowledge Center. There you can click Submit a request from the top right navigation menu.

KBA homepage.png

3. On the Submit a Request page, select Product Feedback Form from the dropdown. The questions in that form will help the Product team understand the problem that you are currently encountering, the context in which you encountered it, the impact of that problem, and any current workarounds you’ve employed.

Top tip! The best way of helping the Product team get to the right solution outcome is by thoroughly explaining the problem you are experiencing, as well as sharing your potential solution ideas. Here’s an example of great Product Feedback, using the questions in the form:

Question in the Product Feedback Form Example answer
Describe the problem you’re experiencing, and how it’s impacting your operations I can’t find the exact campaign templates I want to use without a lot of manual effort, because they are all named similarly and the UX doesn’t let me see at a glance what the different campaigns are for.
I waste time searching for the campaigns that I need - because I’m sending campaigns out several times a week, this really adds up. 
What were you doing when you encountered this problem?  I was trying to send out a campaign to candidates who attended our recent University Campus event, using a template we have
What is your current workaround for this problem?  I was trying to send out a campaign to candidates who attended our recent University Campus event, using a template we have
Do you have a potential solution in mind?(Optional)

- Ability to favourite the templates I use most

- A tag that I can apply to categorize different templates, and filter using the tag rather than the campaign name, e.g. Campus event follow-up; Keep Warm; etc.

- The tag should also be its own column that I can see on the campaign list page

- Expand Campaign Name column width


Engaging with our roadmap plans

If you would like to view what’s coming up on our Roadmap, or review and vote on the product feedback of other users, follow these steps to view Beamery's Roadmap. 

1. From Beamery, click the book icon in the top navigation bar and select Our roadmap.

2. This link will take you to our Roadmap portal where you can:

  • See what's coming up this quarter and in the future
  • Vote on features that are under consideration Roadmap.png

3. If you find a request that you are excited about or agree with, click the tile to expand the card. There you can read more about the feature development and vote on how important that feature is to you. Roadmap Card.png