Becoming GDPR Compliant: Beamery Comply Automation

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Beamery Recipes allow users to automate compliance-related workflows. The tool enables you to ensure that you stay GDPR compliant at all times, as both existing and new contacts will be subject to an automated compliance-process as soon as they enter Beamery CRM.

There are three main features that enable GDPR automation in Beamery:

  • Scheduled Triggers
  • GDPR triggers and filters
  • Additional filters

Note: if the above features are not viewable on your Recipes page, you may need to update your package. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Scheduled Triggers

Scheduled Triggers allow you to run checks on your database at regular intervals (1, 6, 12, or 24 hours) for filters you have selected. Scheduled Triggers can be used to automate multiple workflows, for example:

  • Any historical updates made to contacts (while standard recipes are triggered at the point an update is made)
  • Archive contacts without consent information after a certain period of time
  • Add contacts to a campaign as soon as the sourced contact’s email is added
  • Send a re-opt campaign when consent is about to lapse for contacts

Setting Up a Scheduled Trigger

Navigate to the Automation module and select "Add Recipe" (more information on how to create Recipes can be found here). Under Triggers, select "When Contact is checked" in the first drop-down. In the second drop-down select the desired time interval.


Next, you will need to select at least one filter. This will be the criteria the trigger will check against.

Note: you can only set up one scheduled trigger per Recipe. 


GDPR Automation Triggers

You can trigger actions based on whether a contact has opted in or opted out. For example, if a contact opts in you may want to send them an automatic confirmation email. If a contact opts out, you may want to archive and mark them "Do Not Contact". 

To set up a consent related trigger, select "When contact has submitted consent" in the first drop-down field. In the second drop-down field choose either "opt-in" or "opt-out".


Note: if the above action is not present on your Recipes page, you may need to update your package. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.


GDPR Automation Filters

You can also filter contacts by their opt in status and filter contacts according to when they last provided consent. This will help you maintain a GDPR compliant database.

For example, when using GDPR filters in conjunction with a scheduled trigger you can run regular purges of contacts who have opted out and have them archived and marked Do Not Contact.

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You can also run checks on your database and re-engage candidates whose consent is about to lapse with a "re-opt in campaign".