Session Cookies and Multiple Environments

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Session cookies and JWT (JSON Web Tokens) are important components that make websites work smoothly and keep your information secure. However, when you use different environments or switch between multiple tasks, there can be challenges that affect how these cookies and tokens work. Read on to better understand these challenges and learn helpful tips on how to avoid issues for a consistent and hassle-free browsing experience.

Understanding Session Cookies & JWT Tokens:

Session Cookies

  • What is a Session Cookie? Session cookies are tiny files that store information about your preferences and help websites remember your choices during your visit.
  • What purpose does a Session Cookie serve? They make your browsing experience more personalized and maintain your session so you don't have to log in repeatedly.
  • How does a Session Cookie work? Session cookies are stored in your computer's memory and disappear when you close your browser.
Beamery Session Cookie Name : sid_beamery
Environment Cookie Name Domain
Production US (Main App)
Production EU (Main App)
Sandbox US (Main App)


JWT Tokens

  • What are JWT Tokens? JWT Tokens are special codes that securely pass information between different parts of a website.
  • What do JWT Tokens do? They make sure you are who you say you are and give you access to specific features or areas.
  • How do JWT Tokens work? JWT tokens consist of three parts: a header, a payload (containing the information), and a signature. They are commonly used in secure web applications.
Beamery Session Cookie Name : FRONTIER_TOKEN
Environment Cookie Name Domain
Production US (Main App)
Production EU (Main App)
Sandbox US (Main App)


Working with Multiple Tabs or Switching Environments


When you have many tabs open or are switching between different tasks, session cookies and JWT tokens can sometimes clash or cause problems.


Each browser maintains its own set of session cookies and JWT tokens, so multiple tabs on the same browser have the same set of cookies for a website. When you switch between tabs or tasks, the browser may get confused about which session cookies and tokens to use. This can result in conflicts between different sessions or even between different websites.


The impact of these clashes can be frustrating. You may experience unexpected behaviour on websites, such as being logged out suddenly, losing your progress in online forms, or encountering errors when accessing certain features. In some cases, you may need to log in again unnecessarily, disrupting your workflow and causing inconvenience. These cookie conflicts can also pose security risks as they can compromise the integrity and confidentiality of your session data. It's crucial to ensure that proper measures are in place to prevent such conflicts and protect your sensitive information while using Beamery's platform.

Possible results of conflicting cookies:

  1. Beamery's location drop down doesn’t seem to load any locations
  2. Global Tags or Global Status not showing correctly
  3. Vacancies or Pools are not loading on a profile
  4. Contact Importer History shows an error or loading page continuously


To avoid these issues, try to be mindful of the following:

  1. Close unused tabs. When you are done with a particular task or website, close the corresponding tab. This helps clear out session cookies and tokens associated with that specific task, reducing the chances of a conflict.
  2. Log out / Sign Out before switching. Whenever you plan to switch to a different task or environment, it is best to log out / sign out of the current session. Logging out ensures that all session cookies and tokens related to that session are invalidated, preventing any clashes when you start a new session.

By applying these strategies and being mindful of the challenges associated with session cookies and JWT tokens, you can enjoy a seamless and secure browsing experience across diverse environments.

How to Sign Out properly of the environment ?

If you click on your profile name on the top left corner of the screen on the navigation bar you should see a drop down.

Click the Sign Out option. This should redirect you to the Beamery website on successful Sign Out.