How to Remove Candidates from a Scheduled Campaign Touchpoint

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Plans change. You could add candidates to a mult-touch campaign who you no longer wish to follow up with. Beamery Campaigns make it quick and easy to remove candidates from Campaigns when you no longer wish for them to receive the scheduled messages. 

Table of Contents

How to Cancel Follow Up Campaign Messages from the Campaign Analytics Page
Cancel Follow Up Campaign Messages from a Profile
Re-Adding Candidates to a Campaign

How to Cancel Follow Up Campaign Messages from the Campaign Analytics Page

To cancel follow up messages in a campaign, click on the Campaigns tab at the top of your screen within the Marketing module. This will take you to a list of your existing campaigns.

Locate the campaign in which you would like to cancel follow up messages from sending. Click on the campaign to open up a summary of upcoming touchpoints to the campaign. Click on the arrow on the touchpoint you would like to cancel to open up touchpoint analytics.

On the analytics page for that touch point, click on the tab for Scheduled. You will see a list of candidates currently scheduled to receive that touchpoint.



Use the checkboxes to select the contacts you wish to cancel the next touchpoint for. Once at least one contact is selected, you will see a Cancel touch button at the top of the page. Clicking this will cancel sending of the next touch point for the contacts selected.

To reschedule a contact who has been cancelled from a touchpoint, find them under the Canceled tab, select them, then click on the Schedule touch button.



Cancel Follow Up Campaign Messages from a Profile

Alternatively, you are also able to cancel a campaign being sent to a contact from the campaigns section of a profile by clicking on the Do not send option on an active campaign.


The campaign will then show up under past campaigns and the touch will be displayed as cancelled and not sent as per the image below.


Re-Adding Candidates to a Campaign

Once a candidate has been removed from a specific campaign, they cannot be re-added directly to that campaign. This is so that you can be sure that no candidate will ever be accidentally sent the same campaign twice.

However, in the occasional instance that the candidate still needs to receive the remaining touches of a campaign, there are two ways to go about this:

1. Manually send the remaining email(s). If there aren't many touches left in a campaign, and you only need to ensure that a small number of candidates receive these, the quickest way to do this would be to manually send these touches to the candidates.

2. Create a new campaign with the necessary touches. If there are a lot of touches left in the campaign, or you anticipate having to re-send this information to a larger number of candidates, it may be simpler to create a new campaign with the necessary touches which you can copy from the original campaign, and then add the candidates to this new campaign.