How to Edit a Live Campaign Before Adding More Candidates

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After sending a campaign to your first group of recipients, you can always go back and edit content before adding more candidates to the campaign.

How to Edit a Live Campaign

1. To edit a live campaign, click on the Marketing icon in the left hand sidebar, then click the Campaigns tab in the top menu bar. This will take you to your Campaigns list.Campaigns.png

2. On the Campaigns list, find the Campaign that you wish to edit. Click on the name of the campaign.

3. This will open the Campaign page. From here you can edit the name of your campaign or click on the content block to edit the content of your messages.

NOTE: You cannot edit the time you schedule to send touch points and you cannot add or remove touch points in a live Campaign. If you wish to do this, we recommend cloning the campaign, making those edits and then launching the cloned Campaign as a new campaign.