Viewing and Managing Campaigns from the Profile

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This article covers how to view active campaigns and previous campaigns in a candidate's profile.

For more information on Campaigns in Beamery, check out this article.

Table of Contents

Active Campaigns
Past Campaigns
Cancelling Campaigns 

Active Campaigns

With the Active Campaigns in Profile feature, you can view a list of active campaigns that the candidate is in, remove them from the campaign and click-through to edit the campaign directly from the candidate's Full and Mini profile.



Past Campaigns

A "Past Campaign" is a campaign that has finished. This may not mean that all touches were sent to the contact, e.g. if a rule has not been triggered within the scheduled time.

To see all past campaigns that the contact has been enrolled in, click the "Show past campaigns" button under Active Campaigns. This will display the ten most recent past campaigns. Click on "View all" to see all past campaigns for that contact. Campaigns will appear in a list sorted chronologically by the most recently completed campaign.


Similar to active campaigns, you will be able to see the state for each touch point within the campaign; including bounced, deferred, undelivered, opened, clicked on or replied to. You'll also be able to click on the campaign's name to view the Edit Campaign page and click on the touch to view the touchpoint analytics.


Cancelling campaigns

From this section on a full or mini profile, you are also able to cancel a campaign that is being sent to a contact by clicking on the "Do not send" option on the active campaign.

The campaign will then show under past campaigns, but be displayed as cancelled and not sent - as per the image below.