Workday Applications Source Tracking

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This is a new feature, please consult your Integrations Consultant to determine if it can be enabled for you.


The Beamery Integration has the ability to add a tracking source on your requisition job posting url that come into beamery.


This source is typically added as "BeameryInvite", for example: an unaltered job posting url looks like


We can alter it to look like, The "?source=BeameryInvite" at the end of the link allows workday to track and record the source of the application.

By doing this the candidate will NOT be asked the "How Did you hear About Us?" question


Application look without the source tracking

Application look with the source tracking

Instruction on how to enable this in workday

  • Login to the Workday tenant
  • Type "Edit External Career Site" into the search bar and open the task

  • Choose your external career site and hit OK

  • Navigate to the section "Apply - Intro"
  • Within the "Recruiting Sources for Auto-Tracking" box

  • Add all sources you would like to auto track (in this case please add the BeameryInvite source
  • Click on OK