How to use Meeting Scheduler in Campaigns V2.0

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Throughout the candidate journey, there are many opportunities to meet with candidates and develop a connection. Booking meetings in Beamery simplifies and speeds up the process of scheduling these meetings and leaves you with more time for nurturing those important candidate relationships.

Now, you can invite candidates to book meetings in your calendar, right from Beamery. You’ll share available time slots and then candidates will self-serve, choosing a slot that works for them, making the process easy and efficient.

Connected Email
Meeting Scheduler
Creating a new Meeting Scheduler Page
Editing and Previewing your Meeting Scheduler Page
Using a Meeting Scheduler Page link in your Campaign email

Connected Email

Connecting your email account will automatically sync your candidate emails to Beamery so you never have to log data manually again. Beamery follows strict, industry-standard practices that protect your data and you can disconnect your email at any time. Read more about connected emails here

  1. Click on your name in the top right-hand corner of Beamery to access your settings page.
  2. Select ‘Email Permissions’ from the left-hand menu on the settings page. 

  3. Click the ‘Add email address’ button in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  4. Enter your email address in the modal that appears, check the box for ‘Email access’ and 'Calendar access', and then click ‘Authenticate’.

  5. Your email provider’s login screen will open in a pop-up window to authorize this access. You will need to authorize this access by inputting your email password here. You may also need to accept the requested permissions.  


  6. Once you have authorized access, you will see that your email address is present on the email permissions, and will show as ‘Downloading’, with a checkmark in the ‘Email Access’ column.


  7. Once all of your past email contact with candidates is synchronized with Beamery, you will see the email address as ‘Running’ instead of ‘Downloading’. The amount of time that this may take can depend on the number of emails that need to be synced with Beamery.


Meeting Scheduler

Once you have your email connected, you can begin using Meeting Scheduler by navigating to Campaigns from the left-hand navigation menu.
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Once you have chosen the Campaign you're working on, click Edit to access the Campaign Builder page.

From the Campaign Editor page, click Meeting Scheduler from the options in the top right. 

Meeting Scheduler Diagram

a. Choose the correct Connected Email address. It is possible to connect more than one email and calendar in Beamery, so be sure to choose the correct email address linked to the calendar you wish to access.

b. If you already have an established Meeting Scheduler page(s), choose one from this drop down.

c. Create a new Meeting Scheduler page

d. With a Meeting Scheduler page selected, click here to access options to Preview, Edit, or Delete that page. 

e. Copy the link to your chosen Meeting Scheduler page to use in your email campaign. 

Creating a new Meeting Scheduler Page

To create a new Meeting Scheduler page, choose your Campaign, click Edit, and then select Meeting Scheduler. In the modal window that appears, click the '+' to begin creating a new Meeting Scheduler Page.


  1. Name your Meeting Scheduler Page something descriptive so you can find it next time. 
  2. Choose the length of time for this meeting type and if you'd like a meeting buffer. 
  3. Select the time of day you are available for these types of meetings and for how long in the future you'd like candidates to be able to book out for. 
  4. Choose the days of the week you're available for these meetings. 
  5. Click Create meeting scheduler page

Editing and Previewing your Meeting Scheduler Page

Once you have your page selected, you can click the vertical ellipses next to it to access options like Delete, Preview, and Edit which will give you more control over how your meetings are setup - including where to add a virtual meeting link. 

  1. Event Info - Use this section to add information that will appear on your calendar and the candidates' calendar. The first line is the Meeting Scheduler page title. The second line is the title of the meeting as it will appear on calendars. The third line is for your meeting's location (include a virtual link here). 
  2. Calendars - Change the calendar for your meeting if you have more than one calendar synced. 
  3. Opening Hours - Change the time zone for the meeting and the hours during which the meeting can be booked.
  4. Booking Flow - Define what happens when a meeting is booked. Do you want bookings to take place automatically or do they need manual approval? Here you can also add a custom completion page.
  5. Reminders - Set confirmation emails for you and the candidate and schedule reminder emails, if necessary.
  6. Custom Fields - Use this section to request any additional information you may need from the candidate before they are able to book a meeting. 
  7. Page Styles - Customize your organizations name, logo, brand color and more on this page. 

Using a Meeting Scheduler Page link in your Campaign email

Once you have a Meeting Scheduler page set up, click the 'Copy link' button at the bottom of the modal to copy the page URL onto your clipboard.  

Next, choose where you would like to display the link. This can be done as a hyperlink in text or in a button. Add a button into your email and click to open the content editor for that button, then paste the URL from your clipboard into the URL for the button.


Candidates can now easily book meetings with you when it's the most convenient for you both - without all the back and forth. Use the Meeting Scheduler page link in your direct emails and bulk messages too.