How to Create and Use Templates in Beamery Campaigns [Campaigns version 2.0 only]

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Using templates for email campaigns offers numerous benefits for talent marketers. Using email templates helps maintain brand standards by ensuring consistent visual elements and messaging across emails. This reinforces brand recognition and fosters trust with the audience. You'll also find templates save valuable time by providing pre-designed layouts that can be easily customized, enabling talent marketers to focus on personalizing the content rather than starting from scratch. Templates also facilitate seamless collaboration among team members by providing a standardized framework for everyone to work with. Read on to learn how leveraging templates enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of email campaigns, making them an indispensable tool for marketers in today's fast-paced digital marketing landscape.

Creating a New Template
Using a Template

Creating a New Template

To get started, navigate to the Campaigns module.


From the Campaigns list page, templates can be managed by clicking on the vertical ellipses in the top right of the screen and selecting Manage Templates. 


Within the Manage Templates page, you will find:
A - Search and Filter options to find the template you need.

B - A grid view of all templates including the Template name, Owner, and Date created.

C - Create a new templates

D - Options for editing, duplicating, renaming or deleting an existing template. 


On the Manage Template page, click Create Template (C). Then, give the template a name and click Continue. Please note: your template name cannot include backslashes.  Create_Campaign_Template_v2.0.png

You will then be taken to the Campaign Editor page where you can create your template. More about creating Campaign emails here. Once you've designed your template, click Save template in the top right.  Create_Campaign_Template_v2.0_editor.png


Using a Template

To use an existing template, begin by setting up your campaign or navigating to an existing campaign. From your selected campaign, click either Create touch content or Edit to begin. 


Next, within the campaign editor, select the vertical ellipses in the top right and choose Load Template.

In the dialogue box that opens, use the search and filter options to locate the template you're looking for. Select the radio button next to your selection and then click Continue to load your template. load-template.gif