Using the Campaign Settings Page

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Admin users are able to change the Campaign settings for all users with the Settings button on the Campaign home page. These are users with Admin, Super Admin, Marketing Admin, and API user roles.  

To begin, navigate to the Marketing module and select Campaigns to be taken to the Campaigns home page.


Campaign Settings

Content tools/blocks
Brand colors

Content tools/blocks


Control which content blocks and tools your users have access to when building Campaign emails. Untick the boxes you want to restrict access to, and then click save at the top right of the page. 

Brand colors


Define the default background color of your organization's Campaign emails to match its brand standards as well as secondary colors for your users to select from. Add the hex value for your organization's approved branded colors. Click Add a color to add as many color selections as you need and then click Save at the top right of the page. The colors you define will appear in the Campaign Editor's color picker tool for all users.




Limit access to specific fonts for your users as well as define a default font for all email Campaigns. Untick the boxes next to any fonts you wish to restrict access to, and then click the Save button at the top right of the page. 

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