The Beamery Chrome Extension and Compliance FAQ

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The Beamery Chrome Extension is a powerful sourcing tool created to help teams find qualified candidates and add them to their CRM. Find new candidates or update existing profiles directly from webpages and social media profiles.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about how the Chrome Extension handles compliance guidelines.  

What data does Beamery collect?

Beamery fetches only data that is publicly available. Meaning, we do not use data collected from LinkedIn Recruiter, only public-facing LinkedIn. 


Does Beamery Limit the number of profile PDFs I’m able to download?

Yes. Beamery limits the number of PDF downloads to 100 per day.


Will LinkedIn flag my account if I use the Chrome Extension?

Beamery has created barriers and conducted tests to make sure the Chrome Extension adheres to Linkedin’s guidelines. However, we are only able to track the number of PDF downloads made from the Extension. This means, if you have downloaded 30 PDF profiles manually, LinkedIn will prevent the Chrome Extension from downloading 100 profiles.


Does Beamery log all my InMail?

Beamery only logs recruiter’s sent InMail, never InMail received by contacts.

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