Booking Meetings: Editing and Customizing Availability Pages (Version 1.0 only)

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Booking Meetings in Beamery streamlines your meeting scheduling process by allowing you to include a meeting booking link in the campaign messages you send to candidates. 

How can candidates book meetings in your calendar right from Beamery? You’ll share available time slots via an Availability Page shared through a campaign message, and then candidates will choose a slot that works for them, making the process easy and efficient. You can find an overview of Booking Meetings in Beamery here

Editing an Availability Page allows you to make changes to the time slots you originally created for your Availability Page, and the customization options allow you to edit the branding of an Availability Page, and make changes to the candidate experience of booking a meeting. 

*Please note - the Booking Meetings feature is only available in Campaign Editor V1. If your organization is exclusively using Campaign Editor V2, read more about that feature here

Table of Contents 

How to Edit an Availability Page
Updating Meeting Specifics
Change the Calendar and Available Meeting Times
Instant Bookings and Thank You Pages
Confirmation Emails and Reminders
Adding Required Booking Information
Customizing Your Availability Page’s Visuals
Saving Changes, Previewing Updates, and Deleting Availability Pages

How To Edit an Availability Page

  1. Open the campaign builder. You can do this by creating a new campaign, or editing an existing campaign.
  2. In the campaign builder, click ‘Insert’, and select ‘Calendar Availability’ from the menu that appears.
  3.  Then, use the drop-down to select a calendar, and find the Availability Page that you’re looking to update.
  4. Then, click the vertical ellipsis button of the Availability Page that you would like to update, and select ‘Edit’ from the menu that appears.


Updating Meeting Specifics

Updating your meeting specifics allows you to re-name the meeting, add a location or a link to a virtual meeting, update the timings of meetings that can be booked, and include a cancellation policy. Follow these steps to update meeting specifics.

  1. Click any of the below fields to update the information.
Field Description
Meeting Title (a)

The name of the meeting, as it will appear on both your calendar and the candidate’s calendar once booked.

Location (b) Designated address for an in-person meeting, or a link to an online meeting room for virtual meetings.
Duration (c) The length of the meeting that a candidate can book.
Minimum Booking Notice (d) The minimum amount of time the meeting must be planned in the future.
Minimum Cancel Notice (e) The minimum amount of time before the meeting starts that the candidate can cancel the meeting.
Future Limit (f) How far into the future the candidate can book a meeting.
Buffer Time (g) The minimum amount of time between meetings.
Cancellation Policy (h) A message that will be displayed to the candidate if they try to cancel the meeting.


Change the Calendar and Available Meeting Times

If you need to change the calendar on which meetings are booked, or you need to update the available meeting times to account for changes in your schedule, you can do this by editing your existing Availability Page. 

  1. Click on the ‘Calendars’ tab on the left-hand menu, and then use the drop-down menu to update the calendar on which candidates will be invited to book a meeting.
  2. Update the available times for meetings by clicking ‘Opening Hours’ on the left-hand menu, and then update the time zone, days, and times that you wish candidates to be able to book a meeting.



Instant Bookings and Thank You Pages

Booking Meetings in Beamery gives you the choice to either moderate the bookings made on your calendar or allow instant booking without additional confirmation. You can also update the ‘Thank You’ text a candidate sees after making a booking. This can be especially useful if you are moderating your bookings, as you can use the Thank You message to inform the candidate about when they can expect to see their meeting confirmed. 

  1. Select ‘Booking Flow’ from the left-hand menu, and first choose whether new meetings should be instant bookings, or if they will need manual confirmation from you before being confirmed. 
  2. Then, choose whether candidates should see the default ‘Thank you’ page after booking a meeting, or if you would like to redirect them to a custom page. This could be a good opportunity to direct them to your talent community sign-up form, or a landing page with your employer value proposition. 



Confirmation Emails and Reminders

Setting up automatic confirmation emails takes the worry and manual work out of confirming booked meetings, and automatic reminder emails can help to ensure a high attendance rate. Follow these steps to configure confirmation and reminder emails. 

  1. Select ‘Reminders’ from the left-hand menu, and check the boxes to choose how new bookings and cancellations should be confirmed. 
  2. Use the ‘Add Reminder’ button to create pre-meeting reminders.



Adding Required Booking Information

For a candidate to book a meeting, they must provide their name and email address. You can also configure additional fields to request other relevant information from your candidates in order for them to book a meeting. An example of this would be to request a candidate’s phone number if they are booking a phone call.  

  1. Select ‘Custom Fields’ from the left-hand menu, and add any additional information that you would like to gather from candidates at the time of booking by clicking the ‘Add Field’ button. Please note that the information gathered here will not be transferred into fields on the candidate profile. We recommend using a Beamery Form to capture actionable information on your candidates.



Customizing Your Availability Page’s Visuals

Updating the visuals of your Availability Page allows you to keep your company’s branding present across the entire candidate journey, creating a memorable, cohesive experience for candidates. Follow these steps to customize your Availability Page’s Visuals. 

  1. Select the ‘Page Styles’ option from the left-hand menu, and click on any of the fields to update the information.



Field Description
Company Name (a) Add your company name here to maintain continuity of branding throughout the meeting booking
Custom Page Slug (b) Create a custom page slug for the URL of your Availability Page. Note: We don’t recommend creating a custom URL, as this will be inserted as a button into your campaign message, and the URL would not be seen by candidates.
Submit Button Label (c) Update the wording on the ‘Submit’ button.
Company Logo (d) Upload your company logo to have this shown on the meeting booking page.
Theme Color (e) Choose a color that matches your company’s branding.
Thank You Message (f) Create a custom thank you message that candidates will see after booking a meeting.


Saving Changes, Previewing Updates, and Deleting Availability Pages

  1. At the bottom of the Edit Availability Page modal, you will always see the options ‘View Page’ and ‘Save & Exit’.
    1. Use ‘View Page’ to preview your page, and see how your changes will look from the candidate’s perspective. 
    2. Use ‘Save & Exit’ to save your changes, and exit the Edit Availability Page Modal.



In Summary…

Availability Pages allow you to use the Booking Meetings feature to improve the candidate experience and streamline your workflow.

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