How to Update the Permissions of an Existing Custom Field

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When creating a custom field in Beamery, you can set which user permission levels should be able to view the custom field and the data held within it. If circumstances change and you need to update which permission levels can see a custom field, you can make these changes by following the below steps: 

Please note that only Admins can update Custom Fields. 

1. From Settings, click Custom Fields under Customize Beamery to see your organization's custom fields.

2. Click on the show link next to the folder of the custom field 

3. Click on the vertical ellipsis button and select edit

3. From the Edit Custom Field modal, use the User permissions dropdown to select which users should be able to see this custom field, from this list of user permissions:

Super Admin, Marketing Admin, Sourcing Admin, Sourcing Confidential, Marketing Standard, Sourcing Standard, Marketing Limited, Sourcing Limited, Restricted

Note that Super Admin users can see all custom fields, and this access cannot be removed. 

4. Once you are happy with your selections, click Save. Any changes you have made will be applied immediately.