Contact Profile | Timeline Tab

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The timeline tab offers a comprehensive history of the action taken on a contact profile, the communication history with the contact, and a log of all of the notes made in relation to a contact.

the timeline tab is not a part of the new Smart Profile. For more on how the new Smart Profile manages the information from the Timeline tab, please see Smart Profile | History Tab, Smart Profile | Inbox, and Smart Profile | Notes Tab.

To get to the Timeline tab on the Beamery Profile, click on the word Timeline beneath the profile header.

When duplicate profiles are merged in Beamery, the timeline of each profile will be merged into one timeline. This means that no information is lost, and the profile timeline remains the single source of truth for the candidate.

Below are the elements of the Timeline Tab and how they are used.

a. Timeline Filter- To more easily view the type of timeline activity you are interested in, use this filter to choose which type of timeline activity you would like to see. You can filter the timeline by: 

  1. Updates - updates made to the contact profile in Beamery 
  2. Messages - all messages a contact has received, including email, SMS and InMail 
  3. Notes - notes logged by Beamery users onto the profile timeline 
  4. Email -  email communication with the contact 
  5. SMS - SMS communication with the contact 

b. Campaign Message - When a contact has received a campaign message, you will see this timeline card. Here, you can see the name of the touchpoint, the name of the campaign, and the action owner, who is the Beamery user that created the campaign. Click Show thread to view the campaign message content. 

c. Status Update - When a contact’s global status is updated, you will see this reflected on the profile timeline. In this image, the action was taken by a company recipe.

d. Vacancy Update - When a contact is added to a vacancy, or updated in a vacancy, you will see the minimized timeline card here. Click Show to view details of the vacancy, vacancy stage and the user who added the contact to the vacancy.

e. Note - When a note is added to the timeline, as in point b, you will see the note card on the timeline like this. If the note has been made private by the user who logged it, the content of the note will not be visible to other users.