Contact Profile | Attachments Tab

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The attachments tab allows you to view, add, and remove files associated with a contact, such as a resume or cover letter. Information from files added here will be parsed onto the contact profile.

To get to the Attachments tab on the Beamery Profile, click the word Attachments beneath the profile header. 

The diagram that follows will detail all of the elements of the Attachments Tab and how they are used.

a. Upload Attachment - Click the upload attachment button, or drag and drop a file into this area to upload an attachment to the profile. New attachments will be added to the top of the list of attachments in this tab. 

b. Minimized Attachment - This is how an attachment will be shown in it’s minimized state. Click Show to expand the attachment, click Copy URL to copy an attachment link (please be aware that this attachment link will expire after 7 days). Click Remove to delete the attachment from the profile.  Use the attachment type dropdown to select the purpose of an attachment, from the following list: Resume, Cover Letter, Certificate, Other. 

c. Expanded Attachment - After expanding an attachment by clicking show, you will see this expanded view of the attachment where you can view the document. Click Hide to minimize the attachment, or click the diagonal arrow icon in the top right corner to open the attachment in a new tab or download the attachment, depending on the file type.