Attachments File

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All attachments need to be uniquely identifiable and have a maximum size limit of 10MB for an individual file.

Note: Files that are to be loaded as attachments in Beamery, must be uploaded to the SFTP server in a designated folder, DataMigration/Attachments.

Field Name Type Required Description Example
ID String :check_mark: This is a unique identifier of the contact. If an attachment is to be added for a contact, the contact must also exist in the contacts file and the ID referenced in the Contacts CSV must match. efa64c3a-bb5c-4995-86d1-aec3722e7c27
FileName String :check_mark:


The name of the attachment.
File types we support are the following: 


.doc / .docx


.jpg / .jpeg / .tif / .png



ID FileName
efa64c3a-bb5c-4995-86d1-aec3722e7c27 Dwayne_Johnson_Resume.pdf


Sample Value: efa64c3a-bb5c-4995-86d1-aec3722e7c27

A string field.

ID is a reference to Contacts CSV

This field cannot be null.


Sample Value: Attachments-Sub-Folder/8qw2mApLPX.pdf

A string field.

This denotes the unique name of he attachment and the path to it. The path should start from the attachment folder as root folder

This field cannot be null.