Using Language-specific Contact Names in the Beamery Smart Profile

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The Beamery Smart Profile offers a way to add a language-specific name that is visible directly in the Overview tab. You do not need to add a language-specific name with a custom field any longer.

How to add a language-specific name

  1. Navigate to a contact profile in Beamery. Make sure you’re using the Smart Profile and not the legacy version of the profile. 
  2. Select the Edit option (a pencil icon) next to the contact’s name.
  3. Select +Add language-specific name.
  4. Select the correct language and then type the name.
  5. Then click Save. Your addition is saved on the profile as follows.Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 17.02.54.png

Notes and Best Practices

  • Adding a language specific name is a manual operation. Importing language-specific names is not currently and available option.
  • The name selected for campaigns remains the first and/or last name on the profile. If you want the language-specific name to be mentioned in a campaign message, you need to add it as primary, and then add the name in Latin characters as a language-specific name in English. Example:Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 17.02.31.png