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How to use Beamery Pages and campaigns to communicate with new users during on-boarding

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For Beamery Pages and Forms customers, what better way is there to explain the concept and how you plan on using these features to your Recruitment teams, than allowing them to experience the process themselves and see exactly what a candidate would see? 

Some customers have created a custom workflow in Beamery with a landing page, form, campaigns and automated workflows and reporting. Users are then invited to register and will then receive daily emails to show exactly what would happen if they were a candidate, getting a full ‘behind the scenes’ look. Your Beamery Success contact will be able to support you with this and you can communicate whatever information you think would be valuable in your pages and campaigns but an example is provided below for some inspiration.

Step 1 - Design your Page
First design your landing page, this is a great opportunity to reiterate why your organisation is implementing Beamery and how you envisage them using Pages and Forms to engage with talent in a more meaningful way.

Step 2 - Create a sign-up form
Create your own welcome message and invite your team to sign up to create their Beamery profile.

Add your own custom questions to demonstrate how you plan on using forms. Recruiters will then be able to log into the system and see for themselves how this information has been captured. You can even set Recipes to assign them a particular tag or to a talent pool based on their answers.

Step 3 - Build your Campaign
Create a multi-drip campaign to explain how pages and forms work and how you plan on using them in conjunction with recipes and campaigns to ensure integrity of data and great candidate experience. You can see an example campaign here

Step 4 - Set up a talent pool
This will enable you to very quickly see which members of your team have signed-up using the form and demonstrates to Recruiters how this process can work.

Step 5 - Set up your Recipes
Finally set up your recipes to automatically trigger the actions you require. For example:


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