An Overview of Booking Meetings in Beamery [Campaigns version 1.0 only]

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Throughout the candidate journey, there are many opportunities to meet with candidates and develop a connection. Booking meetings in Beamery simplifies and speeds up the process of scheduling these meetings and leaves you with more time for nurturing those important candidate relationships.

Now, you can invite candidates to book meetings in your calendar, right from Beamery. You’ll share available time slots and then candidates will self-serve, choosing a slot that works for them, making the process easy and efficient.

For information on Meeting Scheduler in the new Campaigns version 2.0, click here

Table of Contents

Getting Set Up for Booking Meetings
Booking Meetings Using Campaigns
The Candidate's Experience of Booking Meetings

Getting Set Up for Booking Meetings

Managing Booking Meetings in Settings

In order to use Beamery’s Booking Meetings feature in your campaign messages, you’ll need to connect your calendar with Beamery in Settings.

  1. Email Settings - Manage the connection to the calendars you use for Booking Meetings in the “Email Permissions” area of “Email Settings” on the main Settings page
  2. Email Permissions - View and manage the email addresses you have connected with Beamery. In order to use Booking Meetings, you will need to allow calendar access.
    Note that you can also manage your connected emails here. These will have a checkmark in the “Email Access” column.
  3. Add Email Address - Click this button to add a new calendar for Booking Meetings. You can add multiple calendars to your Beamery account.  

Adding a New Calendar for Booking Meetings in Settings


  1. Email Address - Input the email address of the calendar that you would like to use for Booking Meetings.  
  2. Calendar Access Checkbox -  Click this checkbox to allow Beamery access to your calendar for Booking Meetings. 
  3. Authenticate - Click the authenticate button to be taken to your email providers’ login screen, where you will need to input your email password to allow Beamery access to your calendar. 

Booking Meetings Using Campaigns

Creating a Calendar Availability Page

Once you have connected the email address for your calendar(s) in settings, you’ll need to create an availability page. An availability page is where your candidate will be able to book a meeting from the available times that you have designated. 


  1. Create a New Campaign Message - In order to send a Booking Meetings link to a candidate, you’ll need to build a campaign in which to include the calendar availability link. Communicating about calendar availability through a campaign allows you to send automated follow-up reminders for candidates who have not yet clicked the booking link. 
  2. Insert Calendar Availability - To add a link to allow candidates to book a meeting, you’ll need to click ‘Insert’ in the campaign builder, and then select ‘Calendar Availability’ from the menu that appears. 

Including Calendar Availability in Campaign Messages


  1. Select an Email Address - Choose the email address associated with the calendar from which you’d like the candidate to be able to book a meeting. 
  2. Create Availability Page - Click this button to create an availability page from scratch. 
  3. Insert as Button - Click here to add a link to an existing availability page to the campaign message. You can also edit, preview, delete or copy a link to the Availability Page by clicking the vertical ellipsis button. 

Building a New Availability Page


  1. Enter Event Name - Give this availability page a name. This will be how your availability page appears in the list of existing availability pages that you can add to campaign messages, so be sure to use something meaningful and specific that also isn’t too long.. 
  2. Select a Meeting Duration - Indicate the length of the meeting that you wish for your candidate to book using this availability page. 
  3. Select Your Availability -  Choose the days of the week and time period that candidates can book a meeting. 
  4. Future Events - Choose how far into the future the candidate can book a meeting. 
  5. Create - Click this button to create your new availability page with the settings you’ve chosen. This availability page will now be included on the list of existing availability pages and can be inserted into the current campaign, and used in future campaign messages. 

Viewing the Availability Page link in the Campaign Builder


  1. Schedule Meeting Button - The link to your availability page will show in the campaign message as this button inviting candidates to book a meeting. The text on this button can be edited within the campaign builder, simply by clicking inside the button and typing. 
  2. Button Successfully Added - Once you have successfully added the button linking to your availability page, you will see this pop-up message letting you know that it has been added successfully. The confirmation message disappears after a few seconds. 

Tracking Meetings on Profile Timelines


  1. Profile Timeline - When a candidate books a meeting, this action will be reflected on the profile timeline
  2. Meeting on Timeline - The timeline will show who the meeting is between, and the scheduled appointment time. Toggling the Show Details/Hide Details link will expand this timeline card to show/hide further details of the scheduled meeting. 
  3. Further Meeting Details - Here, you will see the name of the meeting as set when creating the availability page, the start and end time of the meeting, any location and description information, and links to cancel or reschedule the meeting.

The Candidate Experience of Booking Meetings

Candidate’s View: Booking a Meeting


  1. Interactive Calendar - Candidates will see an interactive calendar with the dates you have set as available highlighted in blue. Clicking on one of these dates will open the list of available times on the right-hand side of the screen. 
  2. Date and Time Confirmation - Once a candidate has selected a date and a time for their meeting, they will see these reflected in this panel, and will be able to move forward with booking the meeting by clicking the blue ‘Confirm’ button. 
  3. List of Available Times - After clicking on an available date, the candidate will see a list of available times for that day. They can then select their preferred meeting time. 

Candidate’s View: Confirming the Booking


  1. Back Button - If the candidate would like to make amendments to the time or date of their booking, they can use the back button to return to the interactive calendar. 
  2. Date and Time Confirmation - The candidate will see a confirmation of their chosen date and time, the name of the person they will be meeting with, and a confirmation of the time zone of the meeting. 
  3. Name and Email Address - To book the meeting, the candidate will need to input their name and email address into these fields. They can also add additional guests here, if necessary. 
  4. Submit Button - To book the meeting, the candidate will need to click the ‘Submit’ button. Once they have done this, they will receive an email confirmation of the meeting by email. 


In Summary…

Booking Meetings in Beamery allows you to easily add links to campaign messages that let candidates book meetings with you or other members of your team, cutting out the back-and-forth on dates and times between you and the candidate, instead of allowing you to spend time having meaningful conversations with candidates.

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