How to Embed Social Media Icons in Campaign Builder 1.0

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The following article is for Campaign Builder 1.0. For information on Campaign Builder 2.0, click here

Beamery's Campaign Builder allows you to build Campaigns messages using HTML. This allows you a large amount of flexibility when customizing the look and feel of your Campaign Messages. 

One thing this is great for, is inserting a row of social media icons that link to your organization's social media profiles into your Campaign message. 

To do this, open the Code View of a Campaign message by clicking on the </> icon in the Campaign Builder. 


From here, paste in the HTML for your social media icons and links. You may wish to use an email builder like Stripo or BeeFree to create this HTML if you are not familiar with it.  


Once you have pasted in your HTML, click the </> button once again, to close code view. Then, click the Preview button at the bottom of the Campaign Builder to preview your message.