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How to Publish Vacancies

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Please note this article relates to the process of publishing vacancies through Beamery Forms and Pages. If you do not have access to Forms & Pages and would like to learn more, please contact your Customer Success Manager. 

Vacancies can be made publicly available, allowing candidates to directly express their interest for a particular position. In order to enable this feature, you need to follow these few steps:

Publishing Vacancies


When you create or edit a Vacancy, you will see two publication fields:

  1. A drop-down to select which form will be used by candidates to express their interest in the Vacancy. You will need to create the Form before publishing the Vacancy - learn more about creating Forms here
  2. A Publish toggle that determines the vacancy's public visibility. You will only see this toggle appear once you have selected a Form.

Once the Vacancy is published by saving changes to the above fields, it becomes possible to share it externally, e.g. to job boards. In order to do so, external job sites need a unique reference to the vacancy, which can be done in 3 different ways, each accessed from the ellipsis menu of the Vacancy: 


  1. By providing the ID of the vacancy
  2. By providing the full URL that points to the vacancy detail page
  3. By providing the URL of the form attached to the vacancy (instead of the page)

Clicking on any of these options will automatically copy the desired menu item to your clipboard. This can then be pasted in the appropriate field in your desired job board app.


What do Published Vacancies Look Like? 

Below you will find a summary and examples of what the candidate will see when vacancies that you have published via a Beamery.

Vacancies List


The external vacancy list page displays all the vacancies that have been published grouped by vacancy groups.

By clicking on one of the vacancies, the candidate is redirected to the vacancy detail page.

Vacancy list pages all share the same URL structure:

Vacancy Details


The external vacancy detail page displays the main information about the vacancy:

  • Location
  • Full time/Part-time
  • Job description

If interested, the candidate can express their interest by clicking on the I'm Interested button, which will then present the form that has been linked to the vacancy.

Then, when a candidate completes this Form, they will be automatically added to the ilnked Vacancy in Beamery.


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