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How to use BeamAssist

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BeamAssist allows you to automate the repetitive tasks in your sourcing workflow. When this feature is enabled, it allows you to create preset actions that will automatically be applied to the candidates that you source with the Beamery Extension.

When you're sourcing for a specific vacancy or building out a specific talent pool, you can use BeamAssist to automatically add any candidates that you source to the relevant vacancy and/or pool.



Using BeamAssist

First you’ll need to enable BeamAssist by clicking the settings cog, and toggling the BeamAssist switch to ‘on’.                                                                        enabling-eJw.gif

Once BeamAssist is enabled, you can configure your presets. You can come back to this at any time via the settings cog to change or update your presets.

When configuring your presets, you can select the source, status, pools, vacancies, and global tags that you would like to add as your preset configuration. Once you're done, click Save.

Note that to use BeamAssist, you do not need to configure presets for all of the fields available - you can just use the fields that are most relevant to whatever sourcing activity you're doing. For example, you can choose to have contacts added to a pool, but you do not need to select a vacancy or global tags. 


Then, once you have saved your BeamAssist presets, you'll see the relevant fields be automatically filled when you add a candidate to Beamery. 

If necessary, you can also add additional information to each of the fields, alongside the information that is automatically added by BeamAssist. For example, if you wanted to add the candidate to an additional pool or vacancy after their profile has been created. This can be done directly from the Extension.


Additional Resources

For an overview of the Beamery Extension, check out this article, and you can find guidance on installing the extension here. 

If you have any questions about using BeamAssist with the Beamery Extension, please don't hesitate to reach out to


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