How to Troubleshoot the Beamery Extension

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The Beamery Extension is a powerful sourcing tool that allows you to add new candidates to your CRM and make updates to existing candidate profiles directly from web pages and social media profiles.

If you run into any issues when using the Beamery Extension, follow the below steps to troubleshoot. 

For an Overview of the Beamery Extension, check out this article, or for instructions on installing or updating the extension, click here

Table of Contents

Step 1: Review FAQs
Step 2: Review your Setup
Step 3: Contact Support

Step 1: Review FAQs

Below are some FAQs that you may wish to understand when using the Beamery Extension. If these do not resolve your issue, move on to Step 2.

I’ve installed the Extension, but when I click on it nothing happens, or it doesn’t load.

After installing the Extension, please open a new tab and load a new page (e.g. LinkedIn). Then click on the Extension icon to open it. You should then be able to see that the Beamery Extension has opened on the right hand side of your browser window. 

When you first install a Chrome Extension, it will not appear on any existing browser tabs, so opening a new tab is necessary in order for the Extension to be loaded by your browser.

The Beamery Extension is not working.

(Guidance for the old version of the Extension only)

Restart the Extension 

  1. Make sure you are using a Google Chrome Browser. 
  2. Go to Extensions in Chrome by typing chrome://extensions/ into your browser.
  3. Locate the Beamery Extension and make sure you are using the latest version.  
  4. Disable the extension and then re-enable it by toggling it on and off with the button in the bottom right. See below:                                       
  5. Finally, refresh the tab/page where the Extension is already loaded in.

If the Extension is still unresponsive, please clear the state of the extension with the following steps.

Clear the Extension State 

  1. Make sure you are using a Google Chrome Browser. 
  2. Go to Extensions in Chrome by typing chrome://extensions/ into your browser.
  3. Make sure the Developer Move is Enabled. See below:                        developer.png
  4. Find the Beamery Extension

  5. Click on service worker. (If the service worker is not visible, you can find it as a hyperlink if you click on “Details”.)                                            extension_troubleshot_2.png

  6.  This will open up a new window with developer tools.
  7.  In the Developer Tools window, select console and enter the following command, then press enter. await dev_tools.png
  8. Refresh the tab/page where the Extension is already loaded in.

The Extension is showing the wrong profile.

(Guidance for the old version of the Extension only)

If you are seeing a mismatch between the profile in the Extension and the profile you are attempting to source, locate the ‘Edit’ button next to the social icons. See below: edit_link.png

Click on Edit and then select the correct social icon (in this example LinkedIn). Then make sure that the URL shown for that profile matches the URL of the profile you are viewing. If not, copy and paste the correct URL and click ‘Done’. See below:         edit_link2.png

I can't find Autopilot in the new version of the Extension.

Currently, the Autopilot feature is only available in the previous version of the Extension. To switch back, go to the question icon in the top right to access the Help Center.


Then select ‘Use old extension’ to access Autopilot. Extension_Switch_Back.png

What other features aren’t yet available in the new Extension?

Like for Autopilot, you will also want to access the old Extension for features like Profile tags, generating consent links, contact search, and editing or deleting contact details (phone numbers, emails, social links, attachments) that are still in development for the new Extension.

I have just added a candidate and there appears to be incorrect experience data in their Beamery profile.

This may happen if there was an erroneous data enrichment. Enrichment can very rarely (< 0.1% of cases) identify an incorrect public profile to enrich data if the email you added for the candidate is associated with another person on the public site that was  used to verify their public data. Should this rare issue occur, you can manually correct inaccuracies by copying and pasting the correct information into Beamery, and deleting any incorrect information. 

I just uploaded a candidate PDF (e.g. from linkedin), and there are errors in how their resume is parsed and data appears in Beamery.

Some PDF data, particularly for experience and location, may not be recognized correctly by resume parsers, including by Sovren, the market leading technology used by Beamery. This is particularly common for Linkedin PDFs as LinkedIn frequently changes the format of user profiles, and PDFs. Should this occur, you can manually correct any inaccuracies by copying and pasting the correct information into Beamery, and deleting any incorrect information. 

AutoPilot is showing an Insufficient Data error.

This could be happening if Beamery cannot successfully retrieve ALL of the following on a contact:

  • Email
  • Profile PDF
  • Experience Information

This may be a result of custom URLs or names containing special characters. If you are experiencing this error, please go directly to the LinkedIn profile and create the contact profile individually.

The Beamery Extension continues to show the login screen even after I've logged in. 

How your browser handles third-party cookies may be the culprit. Navigate to chrome://settings/cookies in your chrome browser and choose “Allow all cookies”.


If you are not able to change these settings in your browser, you can create Customized behaviors. Under ‘See all site data and permissions’, find ‘Customized behaviors’ and click Add. Use the format provided to enter the site domain where you are using the Extension and tick the ‘Include third-party cookies on this site’ box. Do this for any site you are using the Extension on in order for the Extension to retrieve your login credentials from Beamery and pass them to that site. See example below.


Step 2: Review your set-up

1. Ensure you are using the latest version of the Extension.

If you are having issues using the Beamery Extension, the first thing you should do is check whether you are using the most recent version. To do this, follow the instructions in this guide to update your version of the extension.

2. Ensure you are logged into the Beamery application.

To use the Beamery Extension you must be logged into the Beamery application in a separate tab. Leave this tab with the Beamery application open while you use the Extension in another tab.

3. Ensure Beamery has the correct site access enabled.

To do this, right click the Beamery Extension icon within your extension toolbar. Then select Manage Extensions from the dropdown, and toggle on the Automatically allow access on the following sites option to on.


Step 3: Contact Beamery Support

If your issue has not been resolved by the above steps, please reach out to Beamery’s support team, who will be happy to assist you. You can reach the support team by emailing or by clicking on the Help icon in the bottom right corner of any page in the Beamery app, and clicking on the Get in touch  option. 


In Summary…

If you have run into issues when using the Beamery Extension, the steps in this article will help you troubleshoot your issue.  


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