Using the Beamery Extension on LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise

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The Beamery Chrome Extension is a powerful sourcing tool that allows you to add new candidates to your CRM and make updates to existing candidate profiles directly from LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise, in addition to other social media sites. 

For a complete overview of the Beamery Chrome Extension, check out this article.

Table of Contents

Creating a New Contact from LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise
Viewing an Existing Contact from LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise
Using AutoPilot from LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise
Logging InMails from LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise
Using Recruiter Mode on LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise

Creating a New Contact from LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise

Creating a new contact using the Extension with LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise is the same process as creating a new contact using the Extension over any other site. Simply follow the below steps:

  1. First, ensure that you have installed the Beamery Chrome Extension.
  2. Then, navigate to a candidate’s profile in LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise and open the Beamery Extension. If you are not already logged into Beamery in another tab, the Extension will prompt you to log in. LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise offers two options for viewing candidate profiles: the mini profile that appears when you click on someone’s name from within a Project, or the full profile that appears when you open a profile in a new tab. You can use the Beamery Extension over either of these options.
    Mini-Profile in Linkedin Recruiter Enterprise:
    Full Profile in LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise:
  3. The Extension will show the profile creation screen, with the candidate’s name pulled in from their LinkedIn profile. If you already have an email address for the candidate, or need to make any other updates to the available fields here, click on a field to make changes and add information.
  4. From within the Extension, you can choose whether to use BeamAssist to automatically take actions such as setting the contact status or source, assigning new contacts to a Beamery Pool or Vacancy, or adding global tags. BeamAssist can be enabled or disabled using the toggle at the top right of the Extension. You can edit the preset actions by clicking "edit" at the upper right and making selections within the pop-up window.
  5. Next, click the ellipsis (...) button on the candidate’s LinkedIn profile, and choose “Save to PDF”. If your company has auto-upload enabled, this file will be automatically added to the candidate’s profile and removed from your computer, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. If your company does not have auto-upload enabled, you will need to drag and drop the file to the file upload area of the Extension.
  6. The candidate’s Beamery profile will now have been created, and you will see this profile in the Extension. The information from the PDF you uploaded will have been parsed into the relevant areas of the profile, saving you from having to manually update this information on the profile.


Viewing an Existing Contact from LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise 

When you find a profile in LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise, you can open the Extension over this profile to see whether the contact already exists in Beamery, and if so, make updates to the existing Beamery profile. Beamery uses the social media profile URL to check for existing contacts, so please note that if the social URL isn't present on an existing profile in Beamery, the Chrome Extension won't be able to recognize an existing contact when visiting their profile on LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise. 

To see more information on viewing profiles in the extension, check out this article.



Using AutoPilot from LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise

Beamery’s AutoPilot feature allows you to quickly add multiple profiles from Linkedin Recruiter Enterprise to Beamery. AutoPilot works in LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise on Projects (Talent Pools and Pipelines), and on search results pages. Note that AutoPilot cannot currently be used on LinkedIn Campaigns. 

When using AutoPilot, there is a limit of 100 contacts per day, and you will be able to see a count of how many remaining contact profiles you are able to create using AutoPilot.

For more information on using AutoPilot, check out this article. 



Logging InMails from LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise

Using the Beamery Extension to automatically log InMails that you send to candidates from Linkedin Recruiter Enterprise allows the Beamery profile to be an accurate source of truth for your communication history with a candidate, making it easy to collaborate with your colleagues and provide a seamless candidate experience.

When opening a message window, you will see a Beamery logo in the bottom right hand side. Hover over this to enable automatic InMail logging.


For more information on using the extension to automatically log InMail messages, check out this article.


Using Recruiter Mode in LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise

When using Recruiter Mode for the Beamery Extension in LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise, the Extension minimizes to an icon state which you can drag around the screen, allowing you to position it in a place that is convenient for you. The outside edge of the icon acts as a status indicator for activities in progress, and the icon will alert you with messages, statuses and updates at key points in your sourcing workflows.

Click on the minimized extension or one of its messages to open the Extension and use it in your sourcing workflows. 


For more information on using Recruiter Mode with the Beamery Extension, check out this article. 


In Summary…

The Beamery Chrome Extension helps you to use LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise to source candidates, update candidate records, create Beamery profiles and track your candidate communication history. 

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