How to Automatically Log InMails Using the Beamery Extension

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The Beamery Extension can be used to automatically log InMails you send to candidates. This allows a candidate’s Beamery profile to be an accurate source of truth for your communication history with the candidate, making it easy to collaborate with your colleagues and provide a seamless candidate experience.

Automatic InMail logging was first released as part of Version 8 of the Beamery Extension, in October 2020. 

Follow the below steps to automatically log InMails you send through LinkedIn to the candidate’s Beamery profile. 

  1. First, ensure that you have installed the Beamery Extension.
  2. Now, navigate to the LinkedIn profile of the candidate you intend to message.
  3. Open the Beamery Extension over the LinkedIn profile by clicking on the Beamery logo in your taskbar.
  4. If the candidate already has a profile in Beamery, you will see their profile in the Extension. If the candidate does not yet exist, you will need to create a Beamery profile for the candidate using the Extension. This is a quick and easy process. Or, if you have Recruiter Mode enabled, you will see a message letting you know if the contact exists in Beamery without needing to open the Beamery Extension.
  5. Now, click ‘Message’ on the candidate’s LinkedIn profile to open the messaging window within LinkedIn.
  6. In the bottom right hand corner of the messaging window, you will see the Beamery logo.
  7. Hover over the Beamery logo to access the auto-logging switch, and click on the switch to enable auto-logging. Once you have enabled auto-logging here, it will remain enabled until you switch it off. To do that, you’ll  simply toggle this switch to off.
  8. Now, compose your message to the candidate and hit send. After hitting send, you will see that the Extension has refreshed, and you will be able to see the InMail activity in the ‘Related’ tab in the Extension. Click on this to see the subject line and message contents.
    Or, if you have Recruiter Mode enabled, you will see a message pop up confirming that your InMail has been logged. Click on the message or the minimized Extension icon to open the profile, and head to the Related tab to view the InMail message.
  9. After you have logged an InMail in this way, this InMail will be visible on the candidate’s profile timeline in Beamery, and the ‘last contacted’ date for the candidate will be updated. Note that InMails will be logged as a public timeline note, visible to all Beamery users who can see the candidate’s profile. If you’d like to make an InMail private, once you have used the Extension to automatically log an InMail, navigate to the profile timeline in Beamery and edit the privacy settings of the message.  



In Summary...

Using the Extension to automatically log InMails sent to candidates via LinkedIn saves you the time of manually adding these to the profile timeline in Beamery and allows the Beamery profile timeline to be the single source of truth for your company’s communication history with a candidate. 

Using the Extension to automatically log InMails also updates each candidate’s ‘Last contacted’ date, which can be leveraged in recipes and filters.

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