How to Use Related Profiles

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Related profiles are a way of indicating connections between contacts within your database. This allows you to view and leverage those existing relationships when reaching out to prospective candidates.

Related Profiles are particularly helpful when nurturing relationships with executive candidates, helping you gain a fuller picture of their network and background.

Note: Related Profiles are only available as part of the Executive Search feature set. Please speak with your Customer Success Manager if you would like to add Executive Search to your Beamery package.

How to Add a Related Profile

To add a Related Profile, open the Related Profiles tab at the far right within a contact's mini-profile or full profile. 

Use the plus button '+' to add a new related profile connection.


In the pop-up window, start by searching for the contact who has an existing connection with the person whose profile you are viewing. You can search by name, email, primary company, and other related keywords.


Next, type or select the organization the two individuals have in common, if relevant to their relationship.

You can then select the relationship type. Each relationship is part of a pair, enabling the relationship to be accurately indicated on both contacts' profiles. Some pairs indicate a hierarchical relationship, while others are equal.

The relationship types include:

Internal referrer Internal referral
Mentor Mentee
Coauthor Coauthor
Co-presenter Co-presenter
Advisor Student
Influencer Influenced by
Colleague Colleague
Friend Friend
Manager Report
External referrer External referral


Next, you have the option to select a time period for the relationship indicated. You can use this to track historical relationships, such as one between a manager and direct report, both of whom now work at different organizations. Use the "Current relationship" checkbox to indicate this relationship is still currently relevant, eliminating the option for end month and year.


Lastly, you can add notes about the relationship, such as where you learned about the connection or further details about the relationship, like the event at which two "co-presenters" shared the stage.

You can return to edit the details of the relationship at any time. 

The related profile will now show up within the Related Profiles tab of both contacts, including any details you added such as a date range. Click the "Show" link on a related profile to see any notes on the relationship. Click on the name of the other related profile to open it in a new tab.