Connecting your Email Inbox and Calendar with Beamery

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Connecting your email account will automatically sync your candidate emails to Beamery so you never have to log data manually again. Connecting your calendar will allow you to make use of Booking Meetings in Beamery. 

Beamery follows strict, industry-standard practices that protect your data and you can disconnect your email at any time.

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Connecting Your Email to Beamery
What happens when a Connected Email is disconnected?

Connecting Your Email and Calendar to Beamery

  1. Click on your name in the top right-hand corner of Beamery to access your settings page.
  2. Select ‘Email Permissions’ from the left-hand menu on the settings page. 

  3. Click the ‘Add email address’ button in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  4. Enter your email address in the modal that appears, check the box for ‘Email access’ and 'Calendar access', and then click ‘Authenticate’.

  5. Your email provider’s login screen will open in a pop-up window to authorize this access. You will need to authorize this access by inputting your email password here. You may also need to accept the requested permissions.  


  6. Once you have authorized access, you will see that your email address is present on the email permissions, and will show as ‘Downloading’, with a checkmark in the ‘Email Access’ column.


  7. Once all of your past email contact with candidates is synchronized with Beamery, you will see the email address as ‘Running’ instead of ‘Downloading’. The amount of time that this may take can depend on the number of emails that need to be synced with Beamery.

  8. If at any time you wish to disconnect an email account, you can simply click on the vertical ellipsis button next to the email account and select ‘Delete email’ from the menu that appears.


If you are having issues connecting your email account, we recommend closing and/or signing out of your account and trying again. This can prevent the most frequent issue - a connection threshold from Gmail.

If you see the below message, it means that your company is preventing you from allowing Beamery the access it needs to connect your email. To resolve this, contact your internal IT team to be granted the necessary administrative permissions to complete this step.


What happens when a Connected Email is disconnected?

Because Connected Emails are used to send Campaign messages, it is important to know what happens to active Campaigns if the Connected Email is disconnected. This could happen as a result of staffing changes, email password changes, or in error. 

If a Campaign is created and sent with a Connected Email address, and that address is later disconnected, the following should be expected:

  1.  Any scheduled Campaign messages will continue to be sent from the original email address. 
  2.  Candidate replies to the Campaign will still go to the inbox of the connected email.
  3.  Once the email address is reconnected, all email replies from candidates will sync to the candidate Timeline accordingly. 

Have questions about connecting your email or calendar to Beamery? Reach out to 

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