An Overview of the Vacancy Analytics Dashboard

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Each vacancy in Beamery has an analytics dashboard to provide you with more insights into filling and closing open roles. Every vacancy will have its own vacancy analytics dashboard.

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Opening the Vacancy Analytics Dashboard
Components of the Vacancy Analytics Dashboard
Target Companies
Vacancy Tasks

Opening the Vacancy Analytics Dashboard 

1. To view the analytics dashboard for a vacancy, select the "Vacancies" tab at the top of the screen in the CRM tab. This will bring you to the vacancies that you own, manage, or are shared into.

2. Locate the vacancy you wish to view analytics for, using the search and filtering options at the top of the vacancies page to find your vacancy. Click on the name of the vacancy to open the analytics dashboard.


Components of the Vacancy Analytics Dashboard


  1. The Vacancy Funnel represents the stages that candidates have gone through in a Vacancy. New candidates added to a Vacancy will start at the first stage.
  2. The Candidate Source chart shows the Creation Sources for all of the candidates within the vacancy. Note that this is different from the Source, which can be updated manually. 
  3. The Contacts Added graph shows the number of candidates added, or submitted, to a vacancy over time. 
  4. The Stages Assigned graph shows the number of candidates added to each stage over time. Each column represents a different stage within the vacancy funnel.


Target Companies 


You can add target companies to track and focus on key companies that you are hoping to draw candidates from for a particular role. Companies can be added by clicking on Add target company within the Target Companies box.

To see contacts added to the vacancy from the target company, click on the target company name. This will bring you to a filtered view of the contacts from this company within the vacancy.


Vacancy Tasks


This section allows you to create and view tasks associated with the vacancy. To create tasks linked to the vacancy, click "create task" and assign a user to the task. All tasks linked to a vacancy will show up in the form of a list.


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